Alanya sightseeing tour with cable car

Alanya sightseeing tour with cable car
2020-10-30 15:43:09
Alanya Tours

What to do in Alanya?
More people think a long time what can they do during their Alanya holiday. Which sightseeing places are more interesting and will give them more impressions.
As a travel company we offer your approximately 45 tours and excursions in Alanya.
As usual, if it your first we advise your try the Alanya city tour with cable car.
During this short excursions you can get acquainted with the most popular sightseeing places in Alanya.
The program starts with pick customers from their living places by the cars designed for this trip. First place is panoramic terrace where can be seen all Alanya under your feet. You can observe all city and get information. Then we take customers to the most famous beach of region — Cleopatra Beach in Alanya. Near this fascinating beach you can enter the cave named Dropstone in which 15,000 stalactites. After that, with the cable car visit up to the Alanya fortress. During the cable car ride you have chance to observe all Alanya in the sky. Hourly excursion in castle by visiting the old mosque of Sultan Suleiman and different parts of castle. The last place of our sightseeing tour is will be on terrace where you observe the sunset time in Alanya and night city view.
If you would like to try this short mini tour in Alanya for getting acquainted with the city click the next link make a reservation easily city tour and Cable car in Alanya.