Excursions in Alanya in October

It is interesting and productive to spend your vacation in the middle of autumn by booking excursions in Alanya in October. Dozens of exciting rides are still available

2021-06-07 13:04:50
Alanya Tours

Excursions in Alanya in October can be compared to the velvet travel season. It's not hot anymore, but it's still very warm. There are no more crowds of tourists, but most of the destinations are open. There are no longer queues to view the sights, you can calmly explore everything and take beautiful pictures in which there will be no extra people taking pictures next to you in parallel.

Take warm clothes with you on excursions in Alanya in October. During the day, the air temperature is still warming up to +27, and closer to night it can cool down to +17. But swimwear, too, should not be laid out from the suitcase. The sea water temperature in the first half of October is still at around +26, towards the end of the month it cools down to +23, which is also quite comfortable, according to half of our guests.

There are many interesting places to visit in Alanya: a red tower with an ethnographic museum and an ancient fortress, Dim and Damlatas caves, distinguished by their natural features and rich history, Alanya gardens and natural parks. Unusual excursions such as Alanya Underwater Tour and Paragliding are popular. In the first case, you dive to a depth of 20-25 meters on a modern submarine NEMO PRIMERO, travel underwater, where you can clearly see the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea and the underwater fortress. In the second, you soar like a bird from a height of 800 meters above the coast of Alanya. These tours are run in a team with experienced instructors.

Classic trips around the country and abroad have not been canceled either. Excursions in Alanya in October are available to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Istanbul and Israel. You can also choose sea, historical, children's and entertainment tours on the main page of our site.

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