Excursions near Alanya

If there is no desire or opportunity to travel around the country, then excursions near Alanya will make your vacation much brighter and more diverse. There is a lot to see here

2021-05-11 05:07:57
Alanya Tours

There are many options for excursions near Alanya. At the beginning of your vacation, it makes sense to take the Alanya Sightseeing Tour. You will walk around the city and its surroundings together with a guide. Walk along the cozy old streets of Alanya, imbued with the unique history of the resort and admire the beauty of nature. Visit the Red Tower, Sultan Suleiman Mosque and relax on the beautiful Cleopatra Beach.On the left, in front of the entrance to the beach, there is the Damlatas Cave - an amazing natural creation with a large number of stalactites and stalagmites of extraordinary beauty. The cave can be visited as part of a sightseeing tour.

All the sights of Alanya cannot be bypassed in one day, but they can be seen from above. The best panorama of the city and the Mediterranean coast opens up from a bird's eye view. And you don't have to paraglide for that. Just take the funicular to the top of the mountain and enjoy the beauty with the Cable Car Tour. There is a medieval fortress of the Seljuk era - one of the main attractions of the resort, through which a guide will guide you.See the beauty of the surrounding area on Quad Bike, Buggy and Jeep Safari and Horseback Ride Tours.

The Alanya coastline is best viewed from the water. Sea excursions near Alanya show in all their glory picturesque bays, rocky grottoes, beautiful beaches. They give you the opportunity to enjoy the sound of the waves away from the bustle of the resort. One of such tours is Pirate Yacht in Alanya. This is a fun family excursion, which will be good for both adults and children. The ship is stylized as a pirate ship, there are animators on board, games, a show program, a foam party and stops in the most interesting places of the coast are waiting for you. Have a bright and joyful holiday!