Fire of Anatolia Aspendos arena

We invite all guests of Turkey, vacationing on the Mediterranean coast to the famous program "Fire of Anatolia" from Alanya.

2020-10-29 17:49:46
Alanya Tours

“Fire of Anatolia” Alanya — The musical and dance show is a synthesis of modern choreography, classical ballet and folk dances.
The band, whose concerts have long been popular for the country's suburbs, is considered one of the largest of its kind. Fire of Anatolia was founded in 1999. With more than 120 dancers, they have two Guinness World Records. The legendary band, whose performances combine Eastern and Western culture, has millions of fans in all countries. The ensemble performs on the greatest stages of the world and continues to win the hearts of the audience. During the performance, you will see the birth and development of Anatolia in small Asia, which included the culture of Greek, Roman, Seljuk and many other civilizations. Ancient history will be told in the language of unforgettable dance performed at the highest level by professional dancers in unusual costumes surrounded by beautiful scenery. You will also see the exciting torsion of the dervish and the energetic Caucasian dance lezginka. The performance takes place at the Gloria Aspendos Arena, which is close to the world-famous ancient Theater of Aspendos. “Troy” is a musical and dance version of Homer's famous poem, created in 1180 BC. Before the start of the entertainment program, you will be treated to a delicious dinner of the best dishes of local cuisine. The view consists of two parts, each lasting about an hour. Throughout the summer, the guests of Alanya will have a great opportunity to see this grand spectacle. Those wishing to attend the show should specify in advance what performance will be shown: “Fire of Anatolia” or “Troy”.
The trip Fire of Anatolia dance show at Gloria Aspendos arena will decorate your holiday in sunny Turkey and make it memorable forever. Every visitor to this show, regardless of age, will get a lot of new emotions and pleasant impressions from what he saw.