Good news for extreme lovers

One of the most prefered daily activity, paragliding in Alanya is held already every day every hour depend on weatehr conditions. Fly is freedom!

2020-10-29 17:51:30
Alanya Tours

Good news for fans of extreme sports!
Paragliding in Alanya is now held every hour with professional certified instructors.
If you want to try this activity in Alanya with full adrenaline, join our team and feel free in the sky for 20 minutes at an altitude of 550 meters.
The paragliding program in Alanya is held every day from 09:00 to 17:00.
The Alanya Paragliding program includes transfer from hotels with air-conditioned individual cars. Next to the paragliding base in Alanya, we changed cars to an open 4×4 Land Rover jeep and a 20-minute jeep safari to the top of the mountains.
After the preparation and brief information about the program, our flight will begin. You do not need any experience for this tour in Alanya. All ages of people can fly with us. Safety is guaranteed.
Differences between paragliding and parasailing. More and more people think that parasailing is more safety than paragliding.
But this is a wrong idea in principle.
During parasailing, you will not have a guide or instructor. Secondly, during parasailing an additional parachute is not provided.
But during our paragliding tour in Alanya, Firstly, you will have full insurance, secondly, you will fly with a professional pilot who held more flights in different weather conditions. Thirdly, during the flight, additional parachutes will be provided to you and our pilot.
Our 20 minutes flight will easily landing to Cleopatra beach.
Join us, get the best impressions with flight. For make reservation for this trip in Alanya click the next link and book now pay on tour: PARAGLIDNG IN ALANYA