What is happening in Turkey today for tourists

It is no secret that today Turkey is closed to tourists until June 1. The ban on scheduled charter flights was introduced on 15 April. Such restrictions are associated with the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country and a sharp increase in the number of infected.

2021-04-21 15:57:08
Alanya Tours

Now all the necessary measures are being taken to prevent morbidity: extended the curfew, banned travel between cities, closed gyms, swimming pools, banned all festive and public events, resumed online learning, etc. Restrictive measures apply to all cities and regions of the country, even those were the epidemiological situation remains relatively calm. Today, there are several thousand tourists from Europe in Turkey. People are partly leaving. But, some of them are not ready to quickly part with the sea and the warm sun.

They continue their rest despite the situation. This, of course, is already extreme. But, people can also be understood. After all, often a whole year or even more passes in anticipation of a vacation. The country's authorities are doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the infection. And we have already prepared for the new season and have developed excursions for you for all occasions. Time will fly by quickly and you will not notice how you will find yourself in sunny Alanya In the meantime, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the excursions in advance on the main page of the site. There are plenty to choose from. And if it is difficult to decide what places to plan to visit, write to us. We will tell you in detail about every corner of Turkey that interests you.