Catamaran boat in Alanya

Catamaran boat in Alanya

This sea walk in Alanya offers you an unforgettable day in the dazzling waters of the Mediterranean. Catamaran boat in Alanya is the most charming boat of our customers and has the characteristic, which will appeal to every guest, regardless of age category.

Catamaran boat in Alanya cost of trip

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 15€
 1 Children (7-12) 8€
 1 Infants (0-6) 0€

Catamaran boat in Alanya Program

  • Transfer from hotels

  • Visiting the seaport of Alanya,

  • Start sea voyage

  • Visit the old shipyard (swim break)

  • A visit to a pirate cave,

  • Swimming on the open sea and watching dolphins (if lucky)

  • Visiting the Mud Cave (swim break)

  • Visit to Ulash beach (swim break)

  • Lunch break,

  • Visiting Cleopatra's beach (swim break)

  • Visit to the phosphate cave (feeding fish)

  • Visit to the Lovers' Cave

  • Return to the harbor

  • Transfer to hotels

The leading factor of Catamaran boat — its size and stability that equilibrated on two hulls. There is a tendency for more space on catamaran with two bodies and space in between. So if you have sea sick do not worry. This Alanya boat for you!!! Catamaran boat in Alanya is the most charming boat of our customers and has the characteristic to satisfy every guest without the age category difference. During this Alanya daily tour participants have a chance to swim 5 times. Thanks to the design of the ship, you can look at more dolphins than other boats along Catamaran ship. The main

Catamaran boat in Alanya Important information

  • Includes: Transfer, insurance, guide, animations, lunch, soft drinks,

  • Excludes: Alchol drinks, personal needs,

  • Tour days: EVERY DAY

  • Tour hours: 09:30 - 16:00

  • Recommended: Swimsuits, towel, sunblock cream, money for personal needs

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Catamaran boat in Alanya Content of the trip

Arriving at the fabulous resorts of Turkey, do not try to lie on the loungers near the pool or on the beach! After all, we offer you to carry out an incredible sea journey, enjoy the colorful landscapes of the Turkish coast and take a break from the everyday bustle in the circle of loved ones. Due to the stability of the design, catamaran boat in Alanya is also called relax yacht, it makes you feel confident, and during trip seasickness will not be able to spoil your vacation. During the yacht tour, you and your loved ones will be entertained by music and songs, animation and foam party. You can relax, take sunbathing and enjoy life while admiring the colorful views of the coast. Also, on your way, you will meet the incredible caves named Lovers, Pirates, will get acquainted with the Mud and Phosphorus Cave. During catamaran boat trip Alanya there are 5 swimming stops, including a visit to Ulash beach and Cleopatra Beach. Spend your day in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, getting a boost of energy and vivacity. Additionally, if you would like to spend a holiday with the real pirates' staff, we offer a much richer tour with full of entertainment and fun — Pirate ship in Alanya that is more suitable for families with kids


The sea walk in Alanya will consist of the following points of the program:

  • Our journey will start with the fact that at 09:30 in the morning we will pick participants up from their hotel. The transfer vehicle will quickly take tourists to the port, where your adventures will begin
  • The beginning of acquaintance with the sights of Alanya from the walls of the Seljuk fortress — the Red Tower, under the cover of which are the ancient buildings of ship's shipyards.
  • After that, you will have the opportunity to relax on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, which is so loved by tourists for the warmth of the water and the variety of fauna.
  • During Catamaran boat in Alanya, you will visit the Pirates' Sea Cave. According to legends, in ancient times, pirates hid in the bowels of the cave looted treasures, ammunition and kidnapped girls. A short break for swimming on the high seas, if you are lucky, you will be able to see dolphins.
  • The sea walk (yacht tour) continues with a visit to the Mud Cave. Guides claim that the clay of this cave has healing properties that you can experience by taking a mud bath
  • The next stop is Ulash Beach. Located at the foot of the mountain and surrounded by scenic nature, the beach is famous for its crystal clear bay of blue-green hue.
  • After the rest, you will find a delicious meal from the captain of the ship, consisting of traditional Turkish cuisine.
  • Then, having rounded the cape, the yacht will take participants to the azure shore of Cleopatra beach. Here everybody can swim in the open sea, see turtles or dolphins but if it is a lucky day for them.
  • After that, the yacht takes guests to the slopes of the Phosphorus Cave. It is said that the cave arches are made up of rocks containing phosphorus, which glows in the dark. At night, and sometimes during the day, you can see a mysterious glow inside the cave. Also, you will have the opportunity to feed the fish here.
  • And, finally, you will meet the cave of lovers, which is full of romantic myths and legends. One of the legends says that in the last century in the cave hid lovers who escaped from Alanya, so it was given such a name.
  • Completion of the Catamaran boat tour from Alanya and return to the seaport.
  • Transfer customers back to their living places. On arrival, you will be able to share your adventures by posting a photo of the yacht tour in Alanya on Facebook.


Ordering from us a tour of the Catamaran boat in Alanya, you will not be disappointed in the program, because it was designed with the wishes of tourists, ideally combines the sea vacation and the historical part of the tour. The yacht has an impressive size and is stable on the water, so you will forget about seasickness. Funny songs and animations will please not only adults but also children. If visitors have a remarkable day — boat staff will congratulate them right on the yacht. All our customers will be insured during our Alanya boat trip. Fast booking WITHOUT PREPAYMENT.

Alanya is rich in boat trips of different categories. Most of the boat routes are the same and go around the castle with visits to different caves and Cleopatra beach. But if you are bored with the mass of different yachts and bustles, we advise you to try a catamaran in Alanya. The route of the catamaran boat is different, the tour is conducted first into the open sea, and then along the seashore. Alanya catamaran boat trip is the best one for those with seasickness!

The program of the Alanya Catamaran boat tour: During a boat trip on a yacht in Alanya we will visit an old shipyard, take a break for swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, then go to the mysterious Pirate Cave, a healing mud cave, visit Ulash beach and the legendary Cleopatra beach, have a delicious lunch, sailing to shining arches of the Phosphoric Cave, feeding the fish and see the Lovers' Cave. 
This Alanya boat tour also includes a foam party and animation.

The price of the Alanya boat tour includes round way transfer, insurance, English guide service, lunch, non-limited soft drinks, foam party,  5 hours unforgettable sea journey.

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