Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya, Excursion to Side-Aspendo

Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya

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Turkey has great historical heritages. If you are interest with history or historical places, we can help you discover Turkey's magnificent historical inheritance which have been thriving in many cultures for thousands of years.

Alanya Tours travel agency organizes for history lovers an excursion Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya (waterfall- Kurshunlu, Aspendos- amphitheater, Side- antic city). We recommend heartily to join excursion to Side From Alanya, which takes guests 3 wonderful places where history and nature has inherited our country. Excursion Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya starts at 8 o'clock. We visit 3 places during mentioned Side tour from Alanya.

During the tour Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya Our first visiting place — an ancient Side City, which is portrayed many periods of historical signs. Visitors will have an opportunity for visiting the ruins of Side's once great, beautiful old city. There are many architectural monuments that have survived till us since antique Greece and Rome heyday. They are in good condition. Excursion to Side will give you a complete feeling, understanding lifestyle of that time. Antique city Side has become more important territory's port town in former times. During daily trip in Side, participants are informed with all details, where they can see ancient traces belonging to Byzantine times too. Here visitors can observe region's largest antique theater. This ancient theater capacity was 15 000 people and at present upper floors are scattered.

Throughout tour to Side from Alanya second travel destination — Aspendos Amphitheater, which was built on 2nd centuries. According to legend, it had been built immediately after Trojan War. This amphitheater is one of best preserved, not restored one with capacity seventeen thousand people. Until nowadays many secrets have been unraveled here, during Seljuk period Aspendos was used such as Caravansary. Nowadays inside this place organize different festivals, games, show programs. Aspendos amphitheater has amazing acoustics, today is actively used as intended purposes too.

Daily tour Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya continuous with Kurshunlu waterfall, that is Turkey's famous wonders too. Kurshunlu fall is Anatolia`s natural beauty, flows from 18 meters height revealing magnificent viewpoints in forest. Around Kurshunlu waterfall is richer with flora or fauna. Within this history excursion in Side named K.A. S Tour, you will spend a pleasant day in nature, passing through green landscape with water sounds. Mentioned Alanya daily tour takes travelers to the distant world of Byzantium, the Roman Empire and acquaint them with ancient historical sights.

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  • Transfer from hotels
  • Visiting to Side (the ruins of Side, )
  • Architectural monuments of Greece and Rome 
  • Arched Gate
  • Temples of Apollo and Dionysus
  • Visiting to Aspendos
  • Amphitheater Aspendos
  • Lunch break
  • Visiting to the national park Kurshunlu
  • Waterfall Kurshunlu
  • Transfer to hotels
Tour daysTuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Tour hours
08:00 - 18:00
Includestransfer, insurance, guide service, lunch, all entry ticket
Excludesdrinks, personal needs
Don't Forgetssunglasses, camera, an amount of money for personal needs, hat
Adults 30
Children (7 - 12) 15
Infants (0 - 6)Free
Our company Alanya Tours recommends our guests excursion Kurshunlu-Aspendos-Side from Alanya (Kurshunlu—waterfall, Aspendos Amphitheater, Side — an ancient city), which will visit 3 remarkable, historical, natural places for one day. We will visit places where traces of history have been preserved
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