Alanya boat tour DESCRIPTION

Alanya boat tour: Upon reaching the magnificent resorts of Turkey, resist the urge to recline on poolside or beach loungers. Instead, engage in an extraordinary sea voyage, delighting in the picturesque vistas of the Turkish coastline, and escape the everyday hustle amidst cherished company. Renowned for its sturdy design, the Alanya boat tour is affectionately dubbed the "relax yacht," instilling a sense of assurance as you sail, ensuring seasickness doesn't mar your vacation. Throughout the journey, you and your companions will be entertained with music, songs, animated performances, and a lively foam party. Indulge in relaxation, sunbathe, and relish the vibrant coastal panoramas. Along the route, encounter remarkable caves like Lovers' Cave and Pirates' Cave, and explore Mud and Phosphorus Cave. The Alanya boat trip includes five swimming stops, featuring visits to Ulash Beach, Turtle Beach, and Cleopatra Beach. Spend your day amidst the Mediterranean waters, replenishing your energy and zest for life. For an even more exhilarating experience, opt for the Pirate ship tour in Alanya, brimming with entertainment and suitable for families with children.

Where does Alanya boat tour sail?

The Alanya boat tour will follow this itinerary:

  • Our journey begins at 09:30 in the morning when we pick up participants from their hotels. A transfer vehicle will swiftly transport tourists to the port, marking the commencement of your adventures.
  • The exploration of Alanya's landmarks starts with a visit to the Seljuk fortress walls, notably the Red Tower, which shelters the ancient shipyards.
  • Following this, you'll have the chance to unwind on the tranquil waves of the Mediterranean Sea, cherished by tourists for its warm waters and diverse marine life.
  • During the boat tour in Alanya, you'll explore the Pirates' Sea Cave, where legend has it that pirates once stashed treasures, weapons, and abducted maidens. A brief pause for swimming in the open sea might reward you with sightings of dolphins, if luck is on your side.
  • The Alanya boat trip proceeds with a visit to the Mud Cave. Guides assert that the clay found here possesses healing properties, offering visitors the opportunity to indulge in a therapeutic mud bath.
  • Next on the agenda is Ulash Beach and Turtle Beach renowned for its crystal-clear bay nestled against a backdrop of scenic natural beauty.
  • After a refreshing break, guests will be treated to a delectable meal of traditional Turkish cuisine by the ship's captain.
  • Following the rounding of a cape, the boat will transport participants to the azure shores of Cleopatra Beach. Here, guests can swim in the open sea and keep an eye out for turtles or dolphins, if luck favors them.
  • Subsequently, the yacht will navigate to the slopes of the Phosphorus Cave, known for its phosphorescent rock formations that emit a mysterious glow, sometimes visible even during the day. Visitors will also have the opportunity to feed the fish here.
  • Finally, guests will encounter the Lovers' Cave, steeped in romantic myths and legends. According to one tale, lovers sought refuge in this cave in the last century after fleeing Alanya, hence its name.
  • The boat tour from Alanya concludes with a return to the seaport.

Transfer services will then escort customers back to their accommodations. Upon arrival, guests can share their adventures by posting photos of the ship tour in Alanya on social media.

Why should you book for a Alanya boat trip from a boat tour agency?

When booking an Alanya boat trip with our agency, you can rest assured that the program is designed to meet the desires of tourists, seamlessly blending a sea vacation with historical exploration. Our yacht boasts impressive size and stability on the water, ensuring a comfortable journey free from seasickness worries. Entertaining songs and animations are sure to delight both adults and children alike. Should any of our visitors have a special day to celebrate, our boat staff will extend warm congratulations right on board. Additionally, all our customers will be insured during the Alanya boat tour. Enjoy the convenience of fast booking without requiring prepayment.