Things to do in Kestel, day trips, excursions

What to do in Kestel? When you have holiday in Kestel, start on unforgettable Kestel tours and excursions offered by Alanya Tours Travel Agency. You must see the charm of Kestel with an array of activities, from thrilling day trips to serene boat tours. Check Kestel's rich culture with visits to Kestel Market Days, a vibrant hub of local flavors and crafts. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes with Kestel day tours, showcasing the best of Turkey's natural beauty. With tailored Alanya Kestel tour organization, absorb in the wonders of this coastal gem. Experience the essence of Kestel with Kestel trips designed to delight every traveler.


What we need to know : District Kestel, which belongs to Alanya, plays an important role in the tourism sector in Turkey. Kestel differs from other cities with its tourist facilities, hotels and accommodations. Here you can find all categories of star hotels, tourist restaurants, entertainment centers. Cozy climate, as in Alanya, attracts the attention of foreigners here. Currently, more and more foreign tourists are trying to buy real estate in Kestel. Kestel district is a combination of local and foreign lifestyles.
Famous accommodation places : Best hotels in Kestel is Sunstar resort hotel 5*, Sunset Beach Hotel 5*, Sunshine hotel 4*, Michell hotel 5*, Labranda Alantur 5*, Club Paradiso Hotel & Resort 5*, Moda Marine Residence, Say beach hotel and spa 4*,Armas Prestige 5*
How far from the center of Antalya : The distance from Antalya center to Kestel is 45 km
Distance to Alanya center : The distance from Alanya center to Kestel is 5 km
Distance to Antalya airport : The distance from Antalya Airport to Kestel is 133 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : The distance from Alanya Gazipasa Airport to Kestel is 32 km
Registered population living all year : The population of Kestel is 9500 people
Famous place to swim : The best beach is Kestel public beach
Places to visit : The best attractions near Kestel is Dim cave, Dim river, Sapadere Canyon, Alanya castle, Red tower, Alanya cable car, Alanya central park, Cleopatra beach,
Shopping malls : The largest shopping malls and bazaar in Kestel Alanyum, Defacto, Metro, LCW, Migros, Bim

What to do in Kestel?

What to do in Kestel? Which tours in Kestel can be visited? Kestel is the best place for vacation in Turkey. This small town is located near Alanya on the Mediterranean coast. Answers to the questions “what to do in Alanya or what trips in Alanya can visit?” applies to Kestel too. There is no crowd, a quiet town in the lap of the Tauros Mountains. There are many things you can do in Kestel during your vacation.

Excursions in Kestel

Usually we advise you to try the Turkish bath hamam in Kestel before tanning on the first or second day of vacation. The second recommended activity in Kestel is Alanya sightseeing tour or Alanya city tour, which you will get acquainted with the most interesting sights of Alanya. After that, if you wish, you can take part in various trips and tours in Kestel, such as the Sapadere canyon in Alanya, Alanya jeep safari, excursion to Cappadocia, Green Canyon boat tour from Kestel, quad bike safari in Kestel, various boat tours in Alanya or sea fishing in Alanya etc.

Kestel market days and address

Kestel market is wednesdays and adress is Kestel Mah. Fakülte Street, next to Total Petrol, on Alanya-Gazipaşa Road.

Kestel day trips

The best excursions from Kestel are the Sapadere canyon, excursion to Side Aspendos, excursion to Cappadocia, jeep safari in Kestel, private boat tour in Alanya or rent a yacht in Alanya, etc. The cost of tours in Kestel is the same as in Alanya. We offer you all kinds of trips and excursions in Kestel without additional payment with full insurance without any intermediary. Alanya Tours also offers airport transfer from Kestel. We have available all types of transfer services, private transfer from Antalya Airport, Vip transfer from Gazipasa Airport. Our public transfer from Kestel to airports or back at your service around the day — 7/24.