Dolphin Park in Alanya DESCRIPTION

Sealanya dolphinpark in Alanya - Each tourist before the start of the holiday roughly makes up his program, so that on arrival in the resort city not to get lost their time before the variety of entertainment. And, therefore, we recommend to immediately include in your list a visit to the magnificent tour — Dolphin show in Alanya. After all, cute representatives of the water world love not only children, but also adults, and everyone will be interested to see an amazing show program with their participants — dolphins. Dolphins, seals, lions and other adorable creatures together under the guidance of professional trainers will show mind-blowing tricks. And for a fee, we offer everyone who wants to make an unforgettable swim with dolphins in Alanya. Well, if you are worried that you do not know how to get to, where the Sea Park is located or sealanya opening hours do not worry because the cost of our tour includes transfer from the hotel and back. Delight yourself and your children with an unforgettable journey into the wonderful world of marine life. Also, our travel company offers you to visit others, no less fascinating excursions in Alanya. By contacting our representative you can learn what to do in Alanya with kids, except dolphinarium in Turkey.

Alanya dolphin show

Sealanya Dolphinpark show will consist of the following points of the program in dolphinarium:

  • The journey to Seapark will begin with the fact that we will pick you up the hotel. If you look at the map Sealanya Dolphinpark is in Turkler district, the dolphin park is not far from the Alanya city center, so that we will reach there quickly and comfortably;
  • After 20 minutes we will arrive at the Sealanya Marine Park. The park covers a large area, which is a unique dolphinarium, a pool with a large body of water with a variety of fish and corals, as well as attractions and playgrounds. And who prefers to relax, will be able to soak up the sun on the loungers near the pool. The park "Sealanya" receives only positive reviews from tourists, which you can see for yourself;
  • The start of the show program, which will last more than approximately 50 minutes. Before your eyes, intelligent mammals will perform complex commands, dance, whirl, jump to a height of two meters, roll on their backs trainers. Sea artists seals and dolphins will surprise everyone with their intellectual abilities, perform tricks with hoop, balls.
  • Also, on our day trip to dolphin park Alanya you will be able to look at stingrays that live in a huge pool by hiring goggles and mask for snorkeling.
  • After the show is over, you will be able to take pictures with the sea stars as a keepsake or shoot on video. During our voyage to dolphin park in Alanya, you will have a rare chance to get to know, swim with dolphins Alanya in the pool. Many doctors say that dolphin therapy is a great cure for depression and other nervous diseases, and children will definitely be delighted with such entertainment.
  • Completion of the program and return to the hotels.

Our travel agency organizes a tour to a dolphin park in Alanya twice a day. The dolphin show is held in the morning at 09:00, and in the afternoon - at 14:00.

Why you should book Sealanya dolphinpark Seapark tickets with us?

By choosing us for an dolphin show in Alanya, we will provide a limited number of tourists (small group). You will get the best seats in the auditorium closer to the stage. We organize Alanya dolphin show twice a day which takes place in one of the biggest dolphin park in Europe - Sealanya. If somebody would like to experience fun, memorable day, join dolphin show in Alanya recommended by us. It ll be great presents for loved ones Since the show program is very popular among tourists, you can book Sealanya dolphinpark Seapark tickets it right now free without prepayment , by contact the number listed on the site.