Tazi canyon from Alanya DESCRIPTION

Tazi canyon from Alanya - Tazi canyon which is one of the deepest gorges in Turkey is available to visit! Although it was opened recently, with its fascinating view and beauty this unique place is enough popular among not only locals but also tourists.
Even if you have already been everywhere, visiting this miracle of nature will be a new experience. Incredible views, visiting ancients places breathtaking panorama and original photographs await you on your excursion.

What is the Tazi canyon in Turkey?

During the trip to Tazi Canyon from Alanya, we take you to Köprülü National Park. We will visit one of the 7 gorges, which has arisen between the centuries-old rocks and the mouth of the Kepryuchay river. The location is incredibly picturesque and even fabulous — it amazes with its grandeur and at the same time untouchedness.

You will see an incredible combination of rocks and greenery. Here, daredevils will take breathtaking photos at the edge of the abyss, from which a spectacular panoramic landscape opens up. This preserve is home to all kinds of wild animals and even bears, but fear not, everything is safe. We will definitely see eagles soaring over the rocks, and in the reservoirs can observe the games of fish.

The road to Tazi canyon from Alanya is not just a trip, but a real adventure. The main part of the way we will make our way in jeeps along the winding mountain roads!
Although this program is carried out in jeeps, in the summer from June to September we organize a family excursion to Tazi canyon by bus, and instead of a jeep safari, we go on a river rafting. Fans of adrenaline can also find out the cost of a buggy safari and rafting tour on our website!

The program of Tazi canyon trip.

Our journey begins from the settlement of Beskonak. We come here by bus, then we will leave in cool jeep vehicles. On the road, we will stop at ancient Selge. This city is located in the lap of the Taurus Mounts. The city, which was an important point in the region in ancient times, preserved its independence for a long time due to its inaccessibility and helped to form a unique culture.
In the hot summer, the trip to Selga is replaced by rafting! What could be better than refreshing coolness, adventure and delight? On the journey, the guide will additionally inform you about the exact program.

Near Selge there is another historical monument — the Oluk bridge, along which the army of Alexander the Great passed on the way to the conquest of Persia. The bridge has been repaired and is functioning.

Your imagination will definitely be amazed by the ancient figures in the rocks, which are distinguished by a variety of shapes. This is the monument to Adam Kayalar, “Antalya s Cappadocia”, which dates back to the 2nd century BC. to this day it has been perfectly preserved.
Our excursion to Tazi canyon from Alanya ends on the observation deck of the chasm. We will go to her through the coolness of coniferous groves and untouched nature. An incredible view awaits you at the point, which will definitely not leave you indifferent even an experienced traveler.

How to prepare for a trip to Tazy canyon from Alanya

The excursion is quite active and even borders on extreme, but it is suitable for the whole family and for children. You need to take care of comfortable clothing, sun protection. Shoes must be appropriate for walking in rocky terrain — fit tightly and non-slip soles. It is advisable to take water, sunscreen cream, swimsuits, money — you will definitely want to buy souvenirs to remember such a luxurious place. The cost of the Tazi canyon from Alanya includes the services of an experienced guide-instructor, insurance, food, and transfers. Drinks and personal expenses are not included.