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Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle is one of the first places that come to mind when talking about Alanya excursions. It has hosted different cultures and has an important place in every period of history. It hosted Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. Now, when you come to Alanya, it has become a place where you can witness the most beautiful views.

Red Tower

It was built by Ali, son of Turkish Abu Reha from Aleppo. It represents power in the sea. Although it is the most magnificent place in Alanya, it takes this name because of the color of its stones. The place where you will admire its architecture when you enter the castle. It is a great place for photographs. You have to pay an entrance ticket to visit the Alanya Castle.

Dim River

The Dim River tripr from Alanya is one of our most preferred tours in Alanya. When you come to Alanya, you will not miss Dim River. You will find yourself in cool waters in this beautiful place, which is one of the most beautiful places where you will want to cool off in the summer heat. You will taste delicious fish in restaurants built on water. It is a perfect fit for Alanya..

Dim Cave

When you go to Dim Cave, the stairs you walk may tire you, but what you see will be worth the visual. With the interesting atmosphere of the cave, you can forget where you are and find peace with the magnificence of the singers and the sound of what. When you come to the end of the cave, you will see a mother and child statue. It is known to be good for asthma. You also need to buy an entrance ticket to enter Dim Cave.

Damlatash Cave

Damlataş Cave, located in the center of Alanya, is another cave that is good for asthma, but it is very small compared to Dim Cave. You need to buy a ticket for a fee.

Alanya Cable Car

With the cable car tripr, you will be able to see the city of Alanya with a bird's eye view and examine the different parts of Alanya from every window. Although the ticket is paid, it is one of our tours where you will feel good and you will not get enough of the sightseeing you will dive far.

Alanya Panorama Terrace

One of our wonderful places where you can watch Alanya with a bird's eye view. It will not be worth your pleasure on the viewing terrace where you can have a picnic and relax while watching Alanya. Enjoy your coffee and tea.

Sapadere Canyon

It is one of the most important places you should see during your Alanya holiday. If you have come to Alanya, do not come back without seeing it. It is a magnificent natural wonder with its different plants and natural pools. Even though it has a long track, you will encounter a cafe where you can relax, you won't even get tired. Those who want to swim in cold waters can try swimming in the water coming from the mountain slopes. Come with your equipment for video and photo shooting to Sapadere Canyon.

Dwarves Cave

It is the cave located on the road to Sapadere Canyon. It is the place where farmers used to hide their goats and sheep in order not to pay the agnamese tax. There is also the legend of the cave. You can read the legend from our blog.

Syedra Ancient City

It is 20 km away from the Gazipaşa airport and is located in the village of Seki. Here you can see the wonderful mosaic ornaments and travel to the past. It is said to date back to the 7th century..

Alara Han

Alara Han is located in Çakallar Village of Okurcalar town of Alanya. It is thought that it was used as a resting place for the Sultans during their travels to Konya and Antalya. Be sure to see the historical place that awaits its visitors.

Alara Castle

It was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I. Since the road to Alara Castle is a bit bumpy, do not forget to take your sneakers, glasses, hat and water when you visit. Live in the historical place.

Alanya Output Accommodated Tours

Pamukkale Tour From Alanya

Our tour with accommodation from Pamukkale is 1 night and 2 days. Our tour takes place with air-conditioned and comfortable buses. Here you will see the ancient city of Hierapolis, Pamukkale travertines with its white appearance. You will find healing with thermal waters. Reward yourself with a healthy tour that is good for your skin and body. If you say you don't have time, you can also join our 1-day tour by looking at our daily Pamukkale tours.

Cappadocia Tour From Alanya

Our Cappadocia tour from Alanya varies from 2 nights to 3 days or 1 night to 2 days. Our journey takes place with comfortable buses. You will see the magnificence of fairy chimneys and marvel at the miracle of nature. When you arrive in this magnificent city known as the Land of Beautiful Horses with our vehicles departing from Alanya, you will be acquainted with the wonderful cultural tour.

Day Trips From Alanya

Excursion to Salda Lake From Alanya

Salda Lake is located in Yeşilova district of Burdur. Mountains, lakes, turquoise and white göreceksiniz.türkiye the Maldives are known as a wonderful harmony. We call it the Saldives. With the Salda and Pamukkale tour departing from Alanya, you will have done both history, culture and nature and health tour together. As it is full of opportunities, the Salda tour from Alanya is one of our most preferred tour.

Lavender Gardens Tour From Alanya

In this tour from Alanya, located in Isparta's Kuyucak Village, you will visit the lavender-scented gardens. You will also have a tour of Salda Lake. Since there will be a professional photographer, you will have magnificent poses in the lavender field. Your photos are also taken for a fee. With our tour that offers this visual feast, you can immortalize the moment on your own cameras.

Istanbul Tour From Alanya

You will visit the most important places of Istanbul in history, with its former names Byzantion, Nova Roma, Constantinople, Stanpoli, Darülhilafe, Makarrı Saltanat, Dersaadet, Asitane. With the Istanbul tour departing from Alanya, you will witness the birth of history and feel yourself in history for a moment..

Daily Pamukkale Tour from Alanya

Our bus journey begins in the early hours of the morning. As the bus is comfortable and air conditioned, your journey is comfortable and safe. With the Pamukkale tour from Alanya, you can see the hot springs, Hierapolis Ancient City and many famous places of Pamukkale. As the best tour company in Alanya, the best guides will be with you.


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Antalya Trips From Alanya

When you come to Alanya, you will not only spend your holiday in the district, you will be able to go to different cityss and see the natural beauties with Antalya tours from Alanya. You will be able to explore Side Ancient City, Aspendos, Green Canyon, Köprülü Canyon, Manavgat Tea and Public Bazaar in our excursions from Alanya, which makes a difference with daily tours such as cultural tours, dance, entertainment and adventure. You can join our jeep safari, rafting tour and various tours on our site to discover the Taurus Mountains.

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