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        Dear guests of our district! In this article, we will tell you about the development of tourism, which is the main income gate of our city. As it is  known, Alanya is a world famous tourism center on the shores of the Mediterranean. The beauties of our district are the first German tourists who come to Alanya at the beginning of the 70th years. They heard the beauties of our city with the Germans from the Turkish workers who went to Germany at the end of the 60th years. The Germans, who were affected by the narrations, started to come to Alanya with their families during their school holidays or summer months. Of course, there was no infrastructure and accommodation facilities to make tourists comfortable at that time. At first, the people of the local people renting a house or room holiday style of the Germans clothing, behavior patterns were completely different from the local people living in the city.


People began to be uncomfortable with their clothing and behavior from these guests, who had increased in number and scattered money. Since the settlements were closer to the Taurus, the settlement on the coast was almost negligible. In order to drive away the local people, they went to the shores to collect them free of charge.

Later turks (Turks working in Germany), who saw this potential and spoke German well, started to build pensions and small apart hotels in Alanya. At the beginning of the 80's, this business became a sector. The Germans who visited this wonderful wonder of the world began to tell their friends about Alanya. Small articles were written on travel corners of newspapers and magazines. German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium now knew Alanya. From the 90's, the district had become a holiday destination in countries like Russia.

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In our district, when the tourism was new, our guests were curious about the places to visit in Alanya. Of course, there was no travel agency in Alanya to meet these demands or anyone to assume this responsibility. Tourists felt this distress very much and they were doing research on where to buy things like sightseeing, tours and activities. In those years, what they could do was ask the local fishermen to do small boat trips around Alanya. In the early days, the fishermen did not receive any money from the guests. In return, tourists offered them famous German chocolates. After a certain time, they started to make money by renting fishing boats and the price of the Alanya boat tour was based on the German mark. You can witness even +45 degrees in summer. Guests from cold European countries could feel uncomfortable. Tourists were looking for places to escape from the heat and cool off. The local taxi drivers took them to the Dim river, the castle and the Dim cave to organize a city tour of Alanya. Then, the first travel agencies started to be established with the tourism laws that left the parliament.

After the tourism law passed at the end of the 80th year, it was forbidden to organize a tour for taxi drivers in Alanya. After this ban, legal tourism agencies started to be established. One of them is our company Alanya-Tours. The founder of this agency is the taxi driver Mustafa Uncle. In 1993, he managed to complete all the documents in spite of his application to the Ministry of Tourism. Almost every part of the holiday in Alanya knows Alanya-Tours, which is a travel agency in Alanya. Every part of our town on holiday has become a tradition to join the tour with us. We offer you more than 50 trips, tours and activities in Alanya. We wish every holiday a good holiday!

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