Sapadere Canyon Alanya DESCRIPTION

Alanya Sapadere Canyon tour - Enjoy yourself with an unforgettable holiday in Turkey participating in Sapadere Canyon tour. This is not just a trip of the sights, here you will get to an unearthly paradise, enjoy the beauty of magical places.

Alanya Canyon tour fascinating excursion — will be organized on the fact that you spend the most comfortable time and do not think about everyday problems. It is a wonderful place with incredibly clean air and amazing beauty of nature. The waterfalls of Sapadere amaze the guests with its crystal clear water (the inhabitants of the nearby villages drink it) and makes them return again and again to this place. Continuing our safai tour Sapadere canyon in Alanya, you will be able to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Turkish village, its inhabitants, who tirelessly honour the traditions of their homeland. The sewing factory, which is located in the village itself, certainly deserves attention. It allows participants to see with their own eyes how to produce one of the most expensive and luxurious materials in the world — silk. This journey will surely make your Turkey holiday unforgettable!

If you want to try a more extreme activity — then the ideal choice will be Alanya green canyon jeep safari.

Alanya waterfalls tour

The program of Alanya waterfalls and Sapadere Canyon consists of the following visiting point:

  • Transfer of tourists from hotels by open car vehicles approximately around 9 a.m.
  • Break for photography on the observation deck of chic mountain slopes near the province Mahmutlar, which give an unforgettable experience.
  • A visit to an ancient Turkish village Sapadere that life began more than 500 years ago and still amazes its residents and visitors with the local culture and way of life. Of course, one of the main activities of people is the production of luxury material — silk.
  • Alanya banana plantations: Alanya is the only region where bananas are grown. All this thanks to the warm climate. Alanya bananas are incredibly juicy and delicious, albeit smaller. The fruit orchards will delight you not only with banana plantations but also with citrus fruits, olive trees and pomegranates. Also, visiting the beautiful gardens of Turkey, we can see the carob trees.
  • Travel to Dwarf Cave in Alanya. It has existed since the days of the Ottoman Empire, but tourists first met it in 2012. According to legend, there lived a dwarf in it, back in 1900, who was hiding from the beatings of his family and in a cave he found shelter. That's why it's called the Dwarf Cave. Inside the cave shimmers with multicoloured (blue, red, yellow and green) stalactites and stalagmites — hence it got the second name “Rainbow Cave.”
  • Arriving at the Sapadere Canyon in Alanya that is an extraordinarily beautiful and magical place. It is formed among the narrow and steep slopes of Mounts Taurus. It is 450 meters long. If you want to get yourself (by bus or other vehicle) to any of the sightseeing places — it is better to study the route in advance. Our excursion to this magnificent place includes Sapadere canyon entrance fee too.
  • Next, you will have a delicious lunch in an open-air cafe, where you can enjoy the culinary masterpieces of national Turkish cuisine.
  • The next stop is an old Sapadere mosque — a magical place of village. Participants can enter inside and get information about religion.
  • The turkish silk factory is undoubtedly the property of these places. Visiting it, you will learn the art of creating natural silk.
  • Completion of the trip and return to the hotel at 16:00.

Why you shold book Alanya Sapadere canyon tour with us?

By booking a Alanya Sapadere Canyon tour, we guarantee a visit to the most interesting and incredible places. Comfortable walkways with handrails will provide a comfortable walk through the canyon. Travelling in open cars Land Rover Defenders will make it even more fun and interesting. 2 in 1 tour: a jeep safari and a unique Sapadere canyon. There are no hidden co-payments. Entrance tickets and lunch are already included in the price and you can make reservation online without prepayment.