Things to do in Okurcalar, excursions

Okurcalar things to do and excursions beckon adventurers to uncover the charm of this Turkish town. You must see the rich tapestry of Okurcalar, Turkey, with Alanya Tours, your premier travel agency. Enjoy the maze-like streets of Okurcalar town, where every corner holds a story waiting to be ascertain. Indulge in the ancient tradition of Okurcalar Hamam or spend your days basking in the sun at the exhilarating Okurcalar Waterpark. Venture beyond the town borders on day trips to Pamukkale or absorb in the vibrant atmosphere of the Friday Market. With Okurcalar's diverse offerings, there's never a dull moment. Book your journey now and unlock the wonders of Okurcalar with us.


What we need to know : Okurcalar is a beautiful tourist resort located 33 km from Alanya and 105 km from Antalya. Okurcalar has many tourist facilities, hotels and attract attention with its hot climate and clean beaches. The sandy beach, famous 5-star hotels and other facilities, entertainment centers, all the conditions for holiday make Okurcalar one of the most popular tourist regions of Turkey. Also available are all kinds of excursions in Okurcalar, as in Alanya
Famous accommodation places : Best hotels in Okurcalar is Saphir Resort & Spa 5*, Galeri Resort Hotel 5*, Justiniano Deluxe Resort 5*, Botanik Hotel & Resort 5*, Justiniano Club Park Conti 4*, Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya 5*, Mukarnas Resort & Spa Hotel 5*, Water Planet Hotel ve Aquapark 4*, Granada Luxury Okurcalar 5*, Kirman Arycanda De Luxe Resort 5*, Delphin Deluxe Resort 5*, Q Premium Resort Hotel 5*, Kirman Sidera Luxury & Spa 5*, Gypsophila Holiday Village 5*, Botanik Platinum Hotel 5 *
How far from the center of Antalya : The distance from Antalya center to Okurcalar is 105 km
Distance to Alanya center : The distance from Alanya center to Okurcalar is 31.6 km
Distance to Antalya airport : The distance from Antalya Airport to Okurcalar is 95,5 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : The distance from Alanya Gazipasa Airport to Okurcalar is 76 km
Registered population living all year : The population of Okurcalar is 6500 people
Famous place to swim : The best beach in Okurcalar is public beach
Places to visit : The best attractions near Okurcalar is Alanya castle, Alanya Red tower, Damlatas cave, Sultan Suleiman mosque, museum, Dim river, Dim cave, Alanya cable car, Alara river, Waterplanet Aquapark
Shopping malls : The largest shopping malls and bazaar in Okurcalar is Mega MAll, Alara Grand bazaar, Migros

Okurcalar what to see

Okurcalar, which was a settlement for many maritime societies throughout history, was used as a stop for caravans in Byzantium, Seljuks, and the Ottoman Empire. Okurcalar attracts attention for its cozy climate and clean beaches, there are many tourist accomaditions and hotels. The population of the city approximately 6500 people, but in the summer months exceeds 15 thousand. Lush bananas and citrus trees, which begin at the edge of the blue sea and the sea, are accompanied by green pine forests. The famous Alara river locates here and increased the tourist potential of Okurcalar.

Okurcalar holiday resort in Alanya Antalya

From the first moment you arrive here, you will realize that Okurcalar is truly a real tourist destination. From a strategic point of view, Okurcalar is a small town on the Mediterranean coast. In the north extends the Taurus Mountains. The unique microclimate created by the harmony of the sea and the mountains allows growing wild habitats here. This small town is famous for its luxurious 5-star hotels. Most hotels are located near the beach, and the client does not need to use buses and taxis to visit the coast. From Antalya, Okurcalar — the first region of Alanya, which welcomes our guests. The warm climate, hotels of different categories, entertainment centers, location near the airport of Antalya, available all types of excursions, makes Okurcalar one of famous places of Alanya and attracts the attention of tourists.

When and where is Okurcalar market

The market for vegetables, textiles, souvenirs, clothing and other things held on Tuesday in the Okurcalar region. Bazar is located Okurcalar Mah on Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard opposite Botanik Hotel.

Okurcalar excursions

As a Alanya Tours travel agency, we have several offers for excursions in Okurcalar. Usually, if you are new in Alanya, it is advisable to try Alanya city tour with a cable car from Okurcalar. During this tour in Alanya you can see the most important sights in Alanya. After that, depending on your mood, jeep safari in Okurcalar, pirate ship in Alanya, Green canyon boat tour, excursion to Cappadocia from Okurcalar, excursion in Pamukkale, a trip to Side, a yacht tour on the Manavgat river, Submarine in Alanya, Alanya yacht relax, rent a yacht in Alanya, Dolphin park, etc. The price of excursions in Okurcalar is available to your budget. Because our company organizes all day trips in Alanya without any intermediary, as well as, basically, more excursions in Okurcalar at no extra charge.