Alanya jeep safari rafting tour DESCRIPTION

Jeep safari and rafting from Alanya is one of the best ways if you don't like lying lazily on the beach during your vacation in the most beautiful places in Turkey. We combine two of the most popular extreme entertainment activities in one trip. Challenge yourself and nature, conquer peaks and mountain streams!

Why Should You Choose This Tour?

One-day trip jeep safari and rafting from Alanya has many advantages:

  • Saving time: In one day, you will have time to get a lot of impressions. We have already prepared the program and thought over the logistics. You do not waste time on organization; we have already done everything for you.
  • Save money: A two-in-one tour is far more cost-effective than separate rafting and jeep trips. If you are interested in both, do not divide the tours into different days, take everything at once.
  • Safety: It is extreme, but supervised by experienced instructors. You get a dose of adrenaline, but you don't risk anything. Moreover, the cost of the tour includes insurance.
  • The beauty of nature: You can find rafting or jeep trips in your home country, but there are definitely no such natural conditions there. Unique canyons, nature reserves, and mountain ranges will be the best decoration for the trip.

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The Program of Alanya Jeep Safari and Rafting

Jeep safari and rafting from Alanya start at 8 am. We go straight to the starting point in steep jeeps. Next, there will be an exciting race in the form of a competition. Our professional drivers know the route well and will take it with the breeze, so it won't seem like a little. The passengers help their team win by pouring water on their rivals on the go!

The routes for jeep safari are different and are agreed upon before the start of the tour, depending on the number of cars.

Our off-road trip ends at a unique observation deck. There we will exchange impressions of the chase and take gorgeous photos with a view of the mountains and the sea. You will see the natural sights of Turkey from an unusual angle - this is an unforgettable experience.

Then, on the same jeeps, we will go to the authentic village of Tashkil. Let's see the old village mosque and the real life of local residents. Gardens and plantations are located nearby - you can also walk there.

The Alanya River rafting tour program is held at the Kopruchay River. After the exciting journey, you will be awaited by a fun adventure water sport. We will visit the Koprulu Canyon National Park, after which we immediately go to the starting point of rafting down. There are several levels of rafting difficulty, so the route will be determined by the instructor, based on the physical level of the team's data. During the descent, different boats are used - both for 5-10 seats, and 2-person canoes. If you want to try canoeing for two, please let us know in advance.

What Do You Need to Know About This Trip?

For the Jeep safari and Rafting from Alanya, it is worth taking a change of clothes to change after the descent, bathing accessories, practical shoes, a hat, and a supply of water. It is recommended to take a bandana to protect from dust. They can also be purchased on the tour too.

All protective gear is given on the spot and is included in the tour price. You can rent a wetsuit, special rafting shoes, and gloves. It is worth taking cash - in the market in the village there will be souvenirs, spices, folk art items, silk clothes, and local tea.

Pregnant women, children under 2 years old, and people with disabilities are not allowed on the tour. The tour starts every day, and you can book this activity without prepayment!