Paragliding Alanya

Paragliding Alanya

Paragliding Alanya is an indescribable emotion, a feeling of freedom that cannot be experienced on earth and which is hard to put into words. Everyone should experience it! This extreme skydiving in Alanya does not require a unique training experience. After flying you will land on Cleopatra beach

Paragliding Alanya cost of trip

 1 Passenger 5€
 1 Adult 30€

Paragliding Alanya Program

  • Transfer visitor from the hotel by individual car.

  • Arrival at the slope of mountains

  • In 30 minutes, a jeep or car takes you to the top of Mount Taurus, from which you will make the jump.

  • Detailed safety briefing and introduction to the rules of flight with a parachute.

  • Careful preparation for flying, the issuance of protective equipment.

  • The beginning of an exciting paraglider flight.

  • A 20-minute flight at an altitude of 600-800 m over the coast of a unique city.

  • Landing at the famous Beach of Cleopatra.

  • Transfer participants back to the hotel 

Alanya Paragliding undoubtedly will remain in your memory for a long time! Our tandem paragliding pilots have been trained for many years, graduated disciplined training, experienced pilots who have completed emergency or adaptation flights. All pilots have certificates. During, professional pilots immortalize these unforgettable moments by recording them. But skydiving is one of rare trips where customers are forbidden record videos (photo)with their own camera. Tandem Paragliding in Turkey is a sport that allows you to soar and float above the ground on a paraglider, that is, on a wing made of a special material, inflated due to air intakes by the counter-flow of air.

Paragliding Alanya Important information

  • Includes: transfer, escort of English-speaking guide and instructors, insurance, protective equipment, flight.

  • Excludes: 200 tl entrance ticket to the mountain, photo/Video DVD, personal needs

  • Tour days: EVERY DAY

  • Tour hours: Every hour 09:00 - 17:00

  • Recommended: take or put on comfortable clothes (shorts or trousers) so that the slings of the parachute do not interfere with your flight, comfortable shoes (sport shoes) that will sit tight on your feet, and if you do not have the right shoes, our instructors will solve the problem on the spot. Also take sunglasses and money for personal expenses.

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
Send a request, we will confirm in minutes

Paragliding Alanya Content of the trip

Paragliding Alanya - Tired of monotonous and measured rest on the beach? Then the paragliding in Alanya will give you indescribable emotions and energy. This trip is a relatively new kind of holiday, but it did not prevent him to take a leading position and enjoy huge popularity among tourists in Turkey. Of course, everyone wants to experience new experiences and feel an incredible feeling of flight. Unlike skydiving, it is a slow flight on the wing using air streams and slow landing. During parachute activity, to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the coast, historical sights and views of the city from above, you will not need special knowledge and physical training. It is enough just to listen carefully to the briefing of instructors and learn the rules of behavior at altitude with the uniform. You can try at fairly low price flying with a parachute with us for 20-25 minutes flight with mesmerizing views of the mountains, endless sea and a sense of height at the level of a bird's-eye view. If you want to know about other extreme excursions organized by our travel company — then go to our website, where you will get acquainted with the list, features and cost of excursions.

Alanya Paragliding

Alanya paragliding program will consist of the following points:

  • The program starts with picking you up from the hotel at a prearranged time when booking.
  • Comfortable individual transfer will take tourists to the slope of Taurus Mounts.
  • In 30 minutes, by jeep or car will take you to the top of the mountain, where you will make a jump, after which you realize that nothing has ever been experienced before like this.
  • Preliminary, you will undergo a mandatory briefing on the safety rules and conditions. The jump is sure to be performed in a tandem with a professional pilot who takes responsibility and control during the flight.
  • And now, after preparation, you will try a long-awaited flight in Alanya from a height of 600 meters above sea level. The blue Mediterranean Sea, the majestic cliffs of Mount Taurus and the city coast will shine in front of you with new colors.
  • A 20-25 minute parachute flight over the city will leave an indelible impression for life, which the experienced pilot will gladly capture on photo or video shooting. If the weather conditions are favorable, then, with the consent of the instructor, you can to take control to experience.
  • After a while, you will slowly and smoothly land on the legendary Cleopatra beach, which was awarded the “Blue Flag" of the EU for cleanliness and safety, you will be able to relax, soak up the sun and, if desired, share your emotions, leaving feedback on our Site.
  • The total time of the Paragliding tour in Alanya takes 2-3 hours after that participants will be taken back to the hotel.

We have two paragliding sites with different heights. Flight from a height of 800 meters and flight from a height of 500 meters.
Please note that if the flight starts at a low altitude, depending on weather conditions, the flight duration may be shorter.


By booking a tandem paragliding and parasailing Alanya, you can be sure of safe as we have new and modern equipment and protective equipment. Only professional and experienced instructors who will make a parachute jump with you. The flight duration is at least 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. The journey takes place every hour, so at any convenient time, tourist can reach their cherished dream. Fast booking WITHOUT PREPAYMENT.

Paragliding Alanya frequently asked questions

Paragliding in Alanya, Turkey is one of the most popular activities among adrenaline lovers. All year round, tandem paragliding takes place in Alanya at an altitude of 800 meters or 500 meters, depending on the weather conditions. In the summer season, the program is every day hourly, in winter, depending on the weather, at certain times there is a parachute flight in Alanya!

The cost of a paragliding tour in Alanya includes a private round way transfer service, briefing about the security rules and the flight, 20 minutes flight with the pilot, insurance.

The entire program of the Alanya paragliding tour takes approximately 2-2.5 hours. The duration of the flight of the parachute tour in Alanya is 20 minutes.

Alanya Paragliding or skydiving in Alanya is one of the programs that you will conduct with professional instructors. Tandem paragliding in Alanya is safe for all categories of people. Here the pilot and the participant are also provided with an additional parachute. All pilots have high level certificates and many years of experience.

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