Diving Alanya Turkey

Diving Alanya Turkey

Diving Alanya Turkey scuba in Mediterranean sea - If you want to explore the underwater world with your own eyes on your holiday in Turkey, we recommend that you take part in our undersea activity. Alanya Scuba diving is the best way to observe and discover the mystery of underwater life. Divers can dive twice, at different times and in any place.

Diving Alanya Turkey cost of trip

 1 Passenger 25€
 1 Adult 35€

Diving Alanya Turkey Program

  • Picking tourists up from hotels and transfers to the marine port

  • start of the journey from the Alanya sea port

  • English-speaking specialist's briefing on the basic rules of the program.

  • Putting on equipment and wetsuits for dive.

  • the first stage of the dive (6 m) accompanied by an instructor - 25 minutes.

  • break for rest and swimming on the high seas.

  • delicious lunch from the captain of the yacht.

  • Starting the second stage of the dive (12 m)

  • accompanied by an instructor - 25 minutes.

  • Completing the journey, return to the seaport.

  • Transfering participants back to their hotel 

Scuba diving in Alanya are equipped with fully qualified and licensed instructors in Diving Center, accompanied by certified divers in warm and clear waters. Divers who dive for the first time are informed by experienced teachers. If visitors are beginners, they will get full training about equipment, under water signs, swimming techniques. During excursion every immersion lovers dives with 2 instructors. Your water sport program will be highly safe with us because of utilization modern technology equipment, professional crews. Scuba diving in Mediterranean sea in Turkey is an interesting activity that introduce you positive sensations with marine life's variety which you meet, undersea environments, different coral reefs.

Diving Alanya Turkey Important information

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, full support and detailed briefing of an experienced English-speaking specialist, 2 dives into the water, wetsuits and equipment, lunch

  • Excludes: drinks, DVD with photo and videos, personal needs

  • Tour days: Every day

  • Tour hours: 09:00 - 16:00

  • Recommended: swimsuits, towels, sunglasses and cream, hats. If you are an experienced diver - bring a certificate that allows you to dive to a great depth.

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
Send a request, we will confirm in minutes

Diving Alanya Turkey Content of the trip

Diving Alanya Turkey - Are you tired of taking sunbathing on the beach and not enough outdoor activities? Our travel company will fulfill your wish. This is an unforgettable scuba dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and acquaintance with its inhabitants, whom you have seen only in documentaries. Now there is an opportunity to swim next to them! Beauties of the underwater world will definitely be breath-taking. Immersing in the water with us, you get a real buzz, all the problems and sorrows will go away in an instant. Scuba diving in Alanya turkey is a popular excursion that is in high demand among Turkish visitors.

For Diving Alanya we offer 2 dives and for each on 25 minutes. An experienced English-speaking instructor will conduct detailed training and help to immerse everyone, even a beginner. We will provide you with all the equipment, so you don't need to buy anything. Groups that are on board the ship approximately 15–20 people and you will be comfortable to accommodate. This Alanya tour is one of the most popular one in the world. Fascinating and interesting pastime, from which you will get a lot of positive emotions — you are guaranteed.

Alanya scuba diving

Alanya Scuba diving at a low price, which is available to almost all tourists, attracts visitors from all over the world. On our site, you can find a similar underwater trip that everyone can try, regardless of age. This is a Submarine tour, in which children, adults and even old people can participate.

Scuba diving in Turkey Alanya in the Mediterranean sea

Scuba diving in Turkey Alanya in the Mediterranean sea will consist of the following points of the program:

  • Transfer from hotels on modern comfortable buses and arriving at the seaport, which has a magnificent promenade.
  • Before you plunge into the stunning underwater world — our certified supervisors, with a lot of experience will tell you about the correct swimming technique, water signs and other nuances that will allow you to enjoy the magnificent view as much as possible the inner sea.
  • Putting on special equipment (its rental is already included in the price)
  • The moment of wish fulfillment in the clear cool water — You have a new and unique world that takes your breath away being at a depth of 6 meters, you can enjoy the indescribable beauty of the magical sea from the inside for 25 minutes.
  • Familiarity with unusual fish and the picturesque nature of the sea — something for which it is worth at least once to try this journey.
  • Free time for sunbathing and just relaxing on a comfortable yacht. Delicious lunch, which will back you up for the second dive.
  • After the program, return to the harbor and arrival at hotels.

Alanya Diving Center

Great morning travel time, when the weather is most conducive to immersion. Accompanying experienced certified instructors in Alanya Diving Center. The duration of the dive is 25 minutes. In addition during the excursion, you can enjoy swimming in the open sea, just sunbathing, taking the warm rays of the sun. Your water sport program will be highly safe with us because of utilization modern technology scuba diving equipment and insurance, professional crews are provided. The opportunity to book a program online WITHOUT PREPAYMENT.

Diving Alanya Turkey frequently asked questions

Diving in Alanya can be ordered every day during the summer season. Alanya Scuba diving takes place on certain days in the fall.

When scuba diving in Alanya, the first dive to a depth of 6 m lasts about 20 minutes. The second time you dive to a depth of 10-12 meters, also for about 20-25 minutes. In total, you will spend about an hour under water.

Anyone can take part in scuba diving in Alanya, except for children under 14 years old. Since during the underwater activities all safety rules are taken into account and there are instructors with participants, people who cannot swim can also join diving in Alanya.

The price of the Alanya diving tour includes a round trip AC bus transfer, all equipment, insurance, instructions about the safety and dive rules, lunch, and 2 times diving.

Diving Alanya Turkey and from city districts

Diving in Konakli

Diving in Konakli is a great way to see the diverse world of the Mediterranean in two dives. After the instruction, an experienced trainer will help you easily overcome all psychological and physical difficulties under water

Turkler Scuba Diving

Observe the life of marine animals with the Turkler Scuba Diving. You will have 2 dives in water for 25 minutes. Detailed training and the help of an experienced instructor will help dive even a beginner.

Diving in Avsallar

Diving in Avsallar is a personal acquaintance with the inhabitants of the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. You will be trained and a English-speaking instructor will easily overcome possible difficulties. 2 dives at different depths await you

Diving in Incekum

Diving in Incekum is a real thrill. You will have two dives of 25 minutes each at different depths. The entire underwater world is in front of you at arm's length

Okurcalar Scuba Diving

Diving in Okurcalar - underwater world at an affordable price. An experienced English-speaking instructor will accompany you to help you feel comfortable underwater.

Diving in Kestel

We suggest you dive into the atmosphere of the underwater world twice for 25 minutes with a Scuba Diving in Kestel. Acquaintance with amazing fish and amazing sea nature is what you should try on this trip for at least once.

Diving in Mahmutlar

Diving in Mahmutlar is octopus, jellyfish, small fish, vibrant corals and the opportunity to overcome your fear of being underwater. An experienced English-speaking coach will be with you. He will lead the hand through the underwater world

Kargicak Scuba Diving

Try an amazing underwater adventure with the Kargicak Diving excursion. Two dives in special places await you. The amazing beauty of the underwater world and its inhabitants will unfold before you.

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