The Land of Legends Theme Park from Alanya DESCRIPTION

While vacationing in Turkey, take the opportunity to go to an amazing place — on a tour of The Land of Legends Theme Park from Alanya. The time spent here will be remembered for a long time. If you have already heard that Turkey has its own Disneyland — so it is said about this complex. Here in the design used fairy-tale characters, so everyone will be able to distract from everyday worries, relax, and adult tourists have the opportunity to return to childhood, have fun with children, enjoying this unique world.

This recreation area is located near Belek (at a distance of just over 6 km). In order to go on an excursion to The Land of Legends water park from Alanya, you will spend about an hour and a half on the way, having covered a hundred kilometers. But time will pass unnoticed, as the trip is organized on a comfortable bus with air conditioning, and you will contemplate from the window beautiful terrain, the Mediterranean coast, pass through the major Turkish resorts of Manavgat, Serik, Belek. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will tell you about the sights of these amazing places.

The water park and amusement park is quite new, equipped not so long ago, it has been hosting visitors for 4 years. It is the largest water park in Turkey and the territory is huge — 63 thousand hectares. It is not enough a whole day to just go around the whole complex, and in order to ride all the slides and visit all the rides can take even a few days.

What kind of entertainment is waiting for you?

Having gone on a tour to The Land of Legends Theme park from Alanya, everyone will be able to relax as he pleases, everyone will find something to their liking, as there are more than 40 attractions and over 70 slides.

The slides are distinguished by the level of extreme: with a high level, medium difficulty, simple. For small holidaymakers, there are safe zones with small water slides, "centrifuge", carousel, labyrinth, rope park, jumping bull.
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut? Then go on a virtual flight into space. Do you like surfing? Go to the pool with artificial waves!

A little extra payment, everyone can dive to the seabed with scuba diving or swim with dolphins. You can also go in a huge hot air balloon on a fascinating journey, presenting yourself as the hero of Jules Verne. During the flight, you will experience the pleasure of calm movement above the ground, and your eyes will open to the amazing pictures of the world.

For children and fauna lovers, are advised not to miss the chance to hear how the beluga sings, to see how the charging and inflating bubbles of the walrus, how gracefully and accurately dolphins perform tricks, visiting the show in the dolphinarium. You will also like penguins, tigers and other animals in the amusement park.
For those who want to retire there are secret lagoons, you can take a break from the buzz in the equipped recreation areas in the shade, admiring the pools with waterfalls, interesting fountains, artificial mountains.