Swim with dolphins in Alanya DESCRIPTION

Swim with dolphins in Alanya - It has long been proven that the human body is positively affected by pastime with dolphins. It is a real treatment for many diseases, including such complex as autism and cerebral palsy. Swim with dolphins in Alanya will be very useful to everyone, especially people with nervous work, sleep disturbances, increased irritability, apathy. Even one trip to the Alanya dolphin park can charge positive for a long time.
This is one of the best excursions in Alanya with kids. You can also find out the cost of the Alanya dolphin show on our website, which is suitable for families with children.

These animals are very sociable and active, they are well-mannered and sensitive to the person during swimming, so you are not threatened, the process will take place in the most friendly atmosphere. Dolphins amusingly let bubbles under water and make fountains, interact with a person and can perform several of your commands.
Tour swim with dolphins in Alanya always lifts the mood, and communication with them will be unforgettable — with the mammal you can talk, they understand human speech quite well and respond in their language very willingly.

Alanya swimming with dolphins

You can order an individual Alanya swimming with dolphins or swim with the group. Even those who swim badly and can not stay on the water, can afford such entertainment, because even wild dolphins are famous for their ability to save people, and in the conditions of the pool and training animals always support visitors on the water. Also, the dolphin keeps a comfortable speed for a person, so you will not fall behind him. Everything that happens is additionally monitored by an experienced instructor.

Be sure to take a briefing before swimming. We provide an English-speaking attendant, so there will be no incomprehensible moments, you can ask questions.

The event will bring a lot of impressions and will be remembered for a lifetime, but it will not be superfluous and leave a photo or video to show friends. You can take a camera, but it is worth remembering that the animals are very active splashing, often splashing water on the audience. So take care to protect your equipment or use special devices for underwater shooting. We also would like to note that during the activity it is forbidden to use your own camera.

Full interaction with the inhabitants of the Sealanya dolphin park is guaranteed to everyone. You will touch the dolphin, swim with it, hold on to the fin, dance the waltz and play. Mammals are interested in people and always make contact, but do not like coercion and rudeness — treat it as a partner, then get the most out of it and pleasant interaction. After the session, you can say goodbye to the animal, hug him. Be sure to try to swim with dolphins in Alanya, it will be unforgettable!