Alanya to Istanbul tour DESCRIPTION

Alanya to Istanbul tour - Turkey is an amazing country which only a tourist attraction impossible to see in one day in a small city. But if you travel here at least should try the main sightseeings inTurkey. We offer a great opportunity to go to the heart of Turkey. It is a tour to Istanbul from Alanya by plane. For one day you can get to the magical terrain of a huge city in Turkey, where every corner is steeped in history and tradition. It's a fabulous city. It is called the "open-air museum" and we can not disagree with this, because historical monuments and magnificent buildings of different eras amaze not only the guests but also the locals.

The Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city, is an indispensable part of Turkey. It is the soul of the resort town and an inexhaustible source of energy and strength for it. A trip to Istanbul from Alanya is a great option for a busy pastime. Also, on our website, you can learn about other historical excursions in Alanya.


  • Picking visitors up from their hotels on a comfortable bus with air conditioning and transfer from Alanya to Antalya airport
  • If you dreamed of meeting the dawn in Turkey - this is a great opportunity to realize your dream. You can enjoy the stunning sunrise.
  • flight and arrival in the resort city - the main commercial and industrial center of the country. Until 1930, Istanbul was named Constantinople.
  • How much to fly from Alanya to Istanbul you can find out from an English-speaking guide, who will accompany you for the duration of the tour. The distance from Istanbul to Antalya between the cities is about 850 km.
  • the Hagia Sophia mosque (Aya Sophia Mosque). In 1453 (when the Turks conquered Constantinople) the main temple of the Byzantine Empire - the temple of St. Sophia was transformed into the mosque Aya Sofia - the most wonderful mosque, on the orders of Mehmet II Fatih
  • Hippodrome Square is the famous heart of the Turkish city. It is located near Sultanahmet Square. And the first name was given because in Constantinople on the site of the square was built a racetrack for horse races. Current guests in Turkey can have a great time here with their family or have a holiday.
  • The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) is an outstanding example of Islamic and world culture. Interestingly, the mosque has 6 minarets, which was unacceptable at that time, because only one mosque could have so many minarets - the Al-Haram Mosque. But, Sultan Ahmed easily found a solution to this problem, ordered to build a seventh minaret in Mecca.
  • Topkapı Palace was one of the main palaces during the Ottoman Empire until the 19th century. You can admire not only the palace itself but also the fragrant gardens that surround it. On our website, you can get up-to-date information on the prices of excursions and read the reviews for the tour.
  • a yacht walks through the fascinating Bosphorus Strait, which is the connecting link between two continents - Europe and Asia. During the Bosphorus boat tour, you can enjoy all the splendour of the hanging bridge and the beauty of the strait.
  • visit the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Here locate 80 - 100 shops with different Turkish spices, which can be purchased for yourself or friends, as well as just a walk around the bazaar, inhaling the aroma of oriental spices.
  • completion of the historical excursion and return to Alanya. A trip to Istanbul from Alanya is not only a wonderful opportunity to see the beauty of the fairyland, but also an acquaintance with Muslim traditions and the most interesting history of this city


Excursion to Istanbul from Alanya - very comfortable morning departures, thanks to which you will have enough time to walk around the beautiful city. Groups of tourists are collected from a small number, which significantly reduces the time for training, check-in, etc. Interesting program accompanied by English-speaking guides with historical education. Almost all entrance tickets are already included in the price. Fast booking WITHOUT PREPAYMENT.