Alanya City Tour

Alanya City Tour

Alanya city tour is one of the most important excursion sightseeing Alanya old city, which is held in the beautiful, fabulous sights, such as medieval Castle, Red Tower, Dropstone Cave, Cleopatra Beach, old Sultan Suleiman mosque. Sightseeing mini city trip is a 3 hours short program that is organized evening time

Alanya City Tour cost of trip

 1 Adult 17€
 1 Children (6-12) 17€
 1 Infants (0-5) Free

Alanya City Tour Program

  • Departure from the hotel in open jeeps or minibuses specially designed for this trip.

  • The beginning of a tour of the city's attractions.

  • Visit the healing cave Damlatash (useful for breathing).

  • Information about the city and free time for photography.

  • Walk along the famous beach of queen Cleopatra with golden sand and beautiful views of the sea.

  • A trip to the medieval fortress of Alanya (photo-pause on panoramic platforms overlooking the port).

  • An hour excursion in the different parts of the fortress

  • Visit the ancient sultan Suleiman Mosque, get information about the religion

  • Visit the panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the view of the town on the top of the Taurus mountains.

  • Looking at the beautiful city on top of the mountain, where it is written I LOVE ALANYA

  • Meet the sunset in a beautiful city where you can enjoy a night view of the beach and mountains from a panorama.

  • Transfer participants to hotels where they have been picked up.

Alanya City Tour the main advantages of this daily trip in Alanya are those, that we organize this activity in the evening time when is not hot. The sightseeing in Alanya is short program and is suitable for all ages of people. Alanya sightseeing tour is without shopping, so participant will not lose time in shopping center. Above mentioned Alanya excursion is a purely introductory tour and helps you to meet with the city beauties only during 3 hours. In our company customers are fully insured during not only city tour Alanya, but also on all other trips. Start your holiday in Alanya with us! We are sure you will not regret!

Alanya City Tour Important information

  • Includes: transfer from / to the hotel, insurance, English-speaking guide, cable car ticket

  • Excludes: Dropstone cave (optional), personal needs

  • Tour days: EVERY DAY

  • Tour hours: 17:00-20:00

  • Recommended: a bottle of water, photo-camera, money

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Alanya City Tour Content of the trip

Alanya City Tour - Alanya is one of the most famous tourist areas, this city is located on the southern coast of Turkey and is known for its mysterious history and unusual nature. If you're here for the first time, we offer an interesting tour where you can explore the most beautiful places in this wonderful city.

On Alanya sightseeing tour, participants can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from different locations, as well as visit several main attractions accompanied by an English-speaking guide, which will allow you to experience the extraordinary history and character locality. Damlatash Cave (Aladdin's Cave) will be remembered for its mesmerizing views as well as its healing properties; the golden sand and crystal clear waters of Cleopatra beach will not leave participants indifferent, the ancient mosque of Sultan Suleiman will surprise every holidaymaker with its own history. The viewing platform in this excursion deserves special attention, you can enjoy the beauty of the town and watch as the sun descends over the horizon into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. We guarantee that this mini Alanya city tour will remain in your memory for a long time. In addition, we offer you, no less, a fascinating tour — Alanya Cable Car.

Sightseeing in Alanya

Sightseeing in Alanya will consist of the following points:

  • Departure from hotels in open comfortable jeeps.
  • Visit the panoramic terrace with a beautiful view of the city, here you can take photos and see the town from a bird's-eye view. The opening panorama of nature, the city and the sea captures the spirit of every visiting tourist.
  • Damlatash Cave (sometimes called Aladdin Cave) is an unusually beautiful cave, most useful for asthma and respiratory tract patients and has a magnificent visuality with 15,000 stalactites and stalagmites inside. The cave is under the protection of the government.
  • During the mini-city trip, customers will see Cleopatra beach, which is awarded the “blue flag” international eco-certified certificate due to its surprisingly soft sand and turquoise clear water. It is also famous for many legends.
  • Next, you will visit Alanya castle, which, in turn, is considered the best observation deck of the city and is at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. It is perfectly preserved monuments of medieval architecture. Here you will spend excellent minutes of the journey in the company of an English-speaking guide.
  • You can enter the Sultan Suleiman Mosque, a perfect example of Turkish architecture. Despite the fact that the modern structure appeared in the 16th century, it looks great.
  • Sightseeing trip in Alanya will end around 8 p.m., and participants will go to meet the sunset to enjoy the evening city and take great photos. During our promotional journey, the English-speaking guide will tell you about all the places visited, with all the details.

Alanya old city

Customers who book Alanya old city tour can expect an exciting program by jeeps designed specifically for this trip. The main advantages of this daily trip in Alanya are those, that we organize this activity in the evening time when is not hot. The excursion is a short program and is suitable for all ages of people. This daily mini city trip is without shopping, so the participant will not lose time in the shopping centre. Above mentioned excursion is a purely introductory activity and helps you to meet with the city beauties only for 3 hours. In our company customers are fully insured during not only this sightseeing visit but also on all other trips. We are sure that this program will not leave a single tourist indifferent. Start your holiday in Turkey with us! We are sure you will not regret!

Alanya City Tour frequently asked questions

Sightseeing tour of Alanya is the best opportunity to get to know this amazing city. Although it is a short-term trip, the Alanya city tour will help you get to know the main attractions of Alanya such as the fortress, the ancient mosque of Sultan Suleiman, the Damlatash stalactite cave, the famous Cleopatra beach, etc.

There are different ways to get to the Alanya fortress. You can easily order a taxi or use public transport anywhere in the city. You can also rent a motorcycle and a car. But if you want a budget trip, it is advisable to take part in a sightseeing tour of Alanya.

Damlatas Cave in Alanya, famous for its asthma treatment, is located near Cleopatra Beach at the bottom of the castle. The distance from Alanya center is just 1.8 km.

Alanya mini city tour program includes a visit to Cleopatra beach, Dropstone cave, Alanya Castle, Sultan Suleiman mosque, visit the observation deck to get beautiful panoramic views of the city, and watch the sunset on a terrace.

Alanya Castle, which can be entered with a fee, opens at 08:00 in the morning and closes at 17:00 in the evening. But other large sections are open 24 hours. You can visit whenever you want.

Alanya City Tour and from city districts

Alanya city tour from Konakli

Alanya city from Konakli takes you to the 12th-century fortress, Red tower, the mosque of Sultan Suleiman, famous Cleopatra beach, Dropstone (Damlatash) cave and other historical places of the town. This journey begins in the evening and continues until sunset. A breathtaking view of the city from the panoramic terrace at the top of Taurus mauntains will make the program more interesting.

Alanya city tour from Turklere

Alanya city tour from Turkler will reveal to you all the colors of a cozy resort from the outside and from the inside. An unforgettable day awaits you. Family tour. See details.

Alanya city tour from Avsallar

Haven't been to the famous Turkish resort yet? For your city tour of Alanya from Avsallar. View of the city from a height, Aladdin's cave, relaxing on the Cleopatra beach, meeting the sunset on the site with a stunning view of the city

Alanya city tour from Incekum

City tour of Alanya from Incekum is the best way to get acquainted with the beautiful resort town. You will see it from the inside, walk along its streets and main attractions.

Alanya city tour from Okurcalar

Okurcalar city tour - We invite you to actively relax with the whole family, visit the picturesque and mysterious places of the resort town, look at it from a height, visit the fortress and Aladdin's cave. And learn a lot of new things. See details

Alanya city tour from Kestel

City tour of Alanya from Kestel is the most popular tour. For a small price, you will see an amazing city from the outside and from the inside. You will visit all its significant places. A whole day of vivid emotions and impressions awaits you.

Alanya city tour from Mahmutlar

We invite you to Alanya City Tour from Mahmutlar. We have made travel affordable for the whole family. an amazing day of discovery awaits you. This city inspires and energizes. See details

Alanya city tour from Kargicak

City tour of Alanya from Kargicak in which you will visit all the most interesting places of the resort. See the panorama of the coastline from the height of the Red Tower. Visit Aladdin's Cave. See details

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