3 day Cappadocia tour from Alanya DESCRIPTION

Cappadocia excursion from Alanya (3 days) - If you want to fully learn the culture, customs, mystories history of Turkey, the Cappadocia tour will be the perfect way to get information about the sights of an ancient civilization. You will meet ancient buildings, cave settlements, which are the main value of Turkey. During our excursion to Cappadocia from Alanya 3 days, you will visit the gorges of the rocky city of Chavushin, the ancient churches and monasteries of the open-air museum of Goreme in Cappadocia, picturesque valleys that will delight even an avid tourist. You will have a unique opportunity to walk on the land on which a thousand years ago life was born in frozen lava. People in primitive silence carved their dwellings in caves, got to know themselves and the world, prayed to the gods. The totality of many cultures and people have created a unique rock temple architecture, and unparalleled, fresco painting. And all this diversity you can see with your own eyes, and understand how exceptional the nature of Turkey is. You can also participate in our two-days Alanya Cappadocia tour too, which in detail you can find on our website.

Cappadocia balloon festival

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Cappadocia excursion from Alanya 3 dayas route chart

The route of excursion to Cappadocia from Alanya (3 days) will consist of the following points:

  • Departure from the hotel approximately at 05:00 hours. From Alanya to Cappadocia distance — about 500 km. Stop for breakfast in Seydisehir city.
  • The resident of Dervisha “Museum of Mevlana” in Konya. The main value of the museum is Mevlana's tomb;
  • Visit the underground city of Saratli. The whole system of cities has 12 levels going deep underground;
  • To learn about the mysterious ceremony of the Dervish “Semah.” Includes dancing, singing, recitation of poems and prayers;
  • Mysterious Red Gorge. A fairytale sunset opens from the observation deck;
  • Meeting the dawn in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia will be an unforgettable flight over the picturesque views of this territory. Cappadocia hot air balloon price you can determine with our sales manager. Arrival in the Devrent Fantasy Valley Cappadocia. The bizarre shapes of the rocks will surprise you and will not leave you indifferent.
  • Introduction to the Valley of Monks or Pashabag. Here you will meet two or three-meter “stone mushrooms”;
  • The rocky Chavusin Village Cappadocia. In its ruins, was carved the Christian Church of John the Baptist;
  • The city of Avanos. It is a small town with ancient pottery traditions and is famous for pottery and carpet workshops. We'll go to one of the pottery workshops. Here you can enjoy the natural silence and solitude, as well as learn pottery.
  • Love valley Cappadocia. Under the influence of various natural factors appeared bizarre forms of rocks, including stone pillars, cones, and mountains, and some in form resemble phalluses, for which this valley was named.
  • Goreme open-air museum, consisting of systems of two dozen rock churches;
  • Uchisar Castle, 60 meters high, served as an abode for people;
  • Arrival at the silk leather centre, where you can purchase leather goods for yourself or loved ones.
  • During our tour to Cappadocia after dinner you can enjoy the enchanting and unforgettable concert “Turkish Night”;
  • Arrival in the unique pillars of “Three Beauties” (Uc Guzeller) — according to legend — they are the three Greek goddesses who have forever frozen in these stones.
  • A review of the ancient citadel of Ortahisar — a lot of picturesque, but at the same time, simple buildings. A visit to the picturesque rock dove,
  • Arrival at the last point of Alanya Cappadocia 3 days trip — Caravanserai Oresin khan
  • Completion of excursion to Cappadocia from Alanya (3 days) and return to hotels


Choosing our company for the excursion to Cappadocia from Alanya (3 days), everyone will get comfortable rooms in the hotel in the cave style. We organize the trip only on the most comfortable air-conditioned buses. The price of the Cappadocia trip includes accommodation, insurance and professional English speaking guide. Children under 6 years of age are sent on tour for FREE. You can book a trip to Cappadocia from Alanya in our company without PREPAYMENT.