Alanya to Pamukkale DESCRIPTION

Alanya to Pamukkale tour 1 day - Turkey is an incredibly magical country that visiting every corner of this fascinating area, causes admiring feelings even among the most avid travellers. Pamukkale tour from Alanya will be our proposed journey that is a wonderful version of a beautiful pastime, acquaintance with a new, unexplored historical place. There are many amazing places in the world, but Pamukkale, also called “Cotton Castle” is, indeed, a magical natural castle, which is famous for its healing springs, which allow to treat a whole range of diseases. This is just a thermal resort where tourists come from all over the world. The city is rich not only in its thermal springs but also in its unique historical sites. Visiting the ancient city of Hierapolis, which is the largest city in Turkey Necropolis — you will learn the unique historical trace of these settlements. If you want to see the mesmerizing beauty of this place, participate in our tour to Pamukkale from Alanya 1 day, organized by our travel company. But on our website, you can find another alternative tour that takes tourists not only these unbelievable places but also takes one of the most popular sightseeing in Turkey, called the Turkish Maldives. It is Salda lake tour from Alanya.

Pamukkale Alanya tour

Pamukkale's journey from Alanya one day will consist of the following points of the program:

  • picking tourists up from hotels and leaving by air-conditioned buses
  • visit home textile factory in Alanya - You will see how to sew quality and beautiful bed linen, from a bamboo thread, satin, down pillows and blankets, silicone blankets "air-conditioned" 4 seasons, etc. affordable prices.
  • Arrival at onyx's souvenir factory - You'll get to know the process of creating figures from onyx. Amazing decorations from onyx fascinate with its beauty. A jewel or souvenir from this mineral - will be a great gift for your loved ones.
  • travel to the thermal springs of the "cotton castle" - a mysterious place created by nature itself. Millions of tourists come from all over the world every year to admire this beauty and swim in healing springs. But swimming in the terraces can not, for swimming there are special natural pools. Their magical composition is able to calm the nervous system, relieve tension, cope with cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • Tour to Pamukkale from Alanya will continue with a walk through the ancient Hierapolis ("Sacred City") is an archaeological site and the most popular tourist attraction in Turkey. The necropolis and the Amphitheatre are striking in their size. In the theatre - incredible acoustics, everything that is said on the lower rows - you can easily hear on the upper. The whole tour to Hierapolis will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide, who will tell about the details of everyday life of the inhabitants of these amazing places. At the same time, participants can visit and swim in the famous Cleopatra pool
  • The thermal springs of Pamukkale Turkey are one of the places that make tourists return to a unique city during every holiday in Turkey. According to legend, Egyptian queen herself bathed here and returned her youth.
  • a visit to the village of Karahait is which houses the red travertines of Turkey. These red sources not only amazes with its extraordinary beauty but healing properties that help to cope with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, asthma, etc.
  • a trip of the winery. You can see large wine cellars, production halls and free taste of turkey's delicious wines from the weakest to the strongest. In addition, you can buy your favorite drink much cheaper than it would cost anywhere else.
  • completion of the journey and return to the hotels.

The price of the tour from Alanya to Pamukkale is low, and it is very popular among tourists.

NOTE! For children under 6 years old, we do not provide a separate seat in the bus. Children sit with adults (in their arms). If you want your child under 6 years of age to occupy a separate seat on the bus, then when ordering Ttours, issue your children as children aged (7-12) years old.


1 day Pamukkale trip with Alanya Tours means travel on comfortable air-conditioned buses. The start of the tour to Pamukkale from Alanya 1 day immediately after boarding the bus. Unlike the competition, almost all entrance tickets are already included in the cost of the tour! There are no hidden payments at our price. Plenty of time for sightseeing Pamukkale and Hierapolis, all can be seen without haste. Additionally, all our customers will be insured. During the journey, an English-speaking guide-historic will escort participants. A favorable price that is available to every tourist. On our website, you can book this trip free and easily without any PREPAYMENT.