Alanya Fishing Tour DESCRIPTION

Alanya fishing tour - Would you want to get an incredible feeling, know the creatures of the Mediterranean or just cheer up under the sounds of the waves? Our company recommend you an unforgettable tour, where you will have a great time on the emerald blue water of magical sea. Sea fishing in Alanya gives an opportunity to relax in the fresh air with a fish-rod in hands, the oblivion of the heart to observe the beauty of magnificent land and, even, relieve stress.

Comfortable Alanya fishing boat is specially prepared for private trip, which will take place in the regions of mass migration of fish. The cost of sea fishing Alanya already includes all professional equipment for this activity. Delicious meals prepared by the captain will not leave you indifferent. Dip into the world of positive emotions by booking this unforgettable journey. On our website, it is able to find a similar excursion snorkelling in Alanya. Join our company, live the day of your vacation!

How to do a fishing tour in Alanya

Sea fishing in Alanya in the Mediterranean consists of the following points:

  • Picking customers up from their hotel and comfortably take them to marine port.
  • Leaving the harbor for starting an amazing private tour on a quiet comfortable boat.
  • The captain of the ship will tell all the secrets of successful fishing: how to catch it properly, what equipment to use for this, the best places to catch. Therefore, if there are newcomers to the yacht, they may not worry. A professional captain will teach the best techniques.
  • The price of deep sea fishing in Turkey (Alanya) of which is available to almost everyone will please everybody both locals and foreigners.
  • A good catch is guaranteed absolutely for all comers. The best modern techniques are used for fish-hunting: spinning, trolling, powerful sonar and various lures.
  • During our program participants will have breaks for a dip into the open waters of the turquoise sea. It is a great opportunity to freshen up from the scorching sun and take pleasure the pleasant coolness of the wave.
  • After the exciting trip will have lunch prepared of freshly caught fish that will be prepared by our captain.
  • It is private Alanya fishing tour, so you can swim, hunt fish, or take sunbath depends on your mood!
  • After 4-5 hours of sea journey return to the city port, where private transfer car waits for taking customers their hotels
  • Sea fishing tour in Alanya is a great time, adrenaline rush from the hunt for fish, cozy, green waves and, of course, amusement. If you think it's a risky journey, leave all doubts! Our yachts are regularly, perfectly checked for every program. You will not worry about your own safety, because the route is thought out to the smallest detail and negates any risks. We are sure that our adventure family tour will leave positive and breathtaking memories!

We want to note that the cost of excursions is changeable accordance of participants number and yacht or boat type. The departure time is available not only early morning but also other hours of the day due to your wish. All details of program check with sales manager by phone or online chat.

Why should you book Alanya fishing tour from us?

Start of the fishing in Alanya morning, fish migration time, which gives the opportunity to increase catch by 10 times! Usually, private fishing in Alanya begins early in the morning. But we do not announce the definition time for this tour. This is your choice. Our customers will have full insurance. During this journey, all the necessary equipment will be provided at no extra charge. The captain of the boat — a practised fisherman, will reveal all the secrets of hunting fish, successful catch is guaranteed. After fish-hunting, our captain will prepare a delicious lunch for the participants. You have the opportunity to try the fried fresh fish that you caught, or the chicken that is on our menu. You will have lunch near the old shipyard, watching lovely city landscape. It is private and is held only for you and your loved ones (family or friends).