Hamam Alanya - A wonderful pastime in Turkey will be a tour of the Turkish Bath in Alanya. Hammam is a Turkish bathhouse, the visit of which turns into a special ritual. Here you will not only rest with your whole body but also your soul. The people of Turkey honor with this ritual and, with joy, will introduce the guests to such an amazing place. Visiting the Turkish bath Alanya, you will forget about all the worldly problems and get unearthly pleasure. Why should you visit a VIP hamam in Alanya? You will improve your physical health, get a surge of energy and recharge, relieve stress and tension, which has accumulated over a long time. Restore your body's breathing and cleanse your skin. Relieve fatigue all over your body! The price of Turkish bath hamam is available to almost all tourists and it is worth it to get a real bliss. Our company carries out not only tours in Alanya but also to the Turkish bath in Mahmutlar, Avsallar and other provinces of Turkey.

Turkish bath Alanya

The Turkish bath in Alanya will consist of the following points of the program:

  • Private transfer from the hotel at the time determined in advance.
  • arrival in kleopatra turkish bath Alanya is one of the most famous and very popular baths of Alanya.
  • relaxing procedures will begin with a visit to the sauna with a comfortable micro climate to warm up and prepare the body for further procedures.
  • steam room with menthol, which is very easy to breathe. Soft steam warms the body well and helps to restore the respiratory system
  • visiting the salt room will be useful for the musculoskeletal system (promotes strengthening Also, the salt room will help to cope with excessive aggression and mood swings. After it, you will feel a surge of strength and recharge with positive energy.
  • the next procedure in our Turkish bath in Alanya — peeling the whole body with a scrub pouch — an integral part of the Turkish bath. An experienced masseur with light hand movements will make your body's skin incredibly soft and tender. Despite the fact that the procedure is carried out by a rigid washcloth — you will get a real pleasure from its touching. Get rid of the keratinized areas of the skin, and it will once again become as silky as the baby.
  • soap massage, for which only natural olive soaps are used. Maximum helps to relax the body. It uses a small bag — kopuk torbası (in order to get foam from soap) and after that, the resulting mixture is an application on the body.
  • The next moment of relaxation will be a massage using aromatic oils. Alanya massage is considered one of the most pleasant and effective procedures. It contributes to the health of the whole body and the rapid removal of toxins. Inhalation of fragrant oils affects the limbic system of the person, which controls our mood. Therefore, after a massage with olive oil, a great mood is guaranteed to you.
  • facial massage and a face mask made of nature supplies. Effective mask in the beauty industry breaks all records for rejuvenation! Thanks to the contents of useful components — it is the best remedy for the restoration of the skin of the face. Now you will smile more often, looking in the mirror. Facial massage with a mask gives amazing results, the skin becomes cleaner, more elastic, the traces of fatigue are removed.
  • Taking a shower after all the treatments and going to the hotel.


We offer you a personal service in the turkish hamam Alanya at any time convenient for you (without queues and a huge number of tourists). Arriving at the Turkish Bath in Alanya on an individual comfortable transfer. Only we guarantee 100% sterility and cleanliness (individual gloves and towels). The duration of the oil massage is 30 minutes. We also offer VIP hamam Alanya, which is only available to our customers with different additional procedures like a fish spa etc. For detailed information contact our sales manager