Monster safari in Alanya with Cabrio bus DESCRIPTION

Do you want to have time to see the best panoramic views and visit interesting places? But walking is difficult and long, and you are tired of standard buses? Choose the "Monster safari" tour from Alanya (Zoo and Green Canyon Safari) - we will drive along gorgeous routes in special open cars!
Enjoy the unity with nature comfortably.

What awaits you on the tour?

  • Get to know the beauty of Turkey as close as possible during the Green canyon tour by Cabrio Bus ``Monster safari`` from Alanya. You will have fun traveling in an open bus - the roof protects you from the scorching sun, and the absence of walls allows you to completely immerse yourself in the coolness of centuries-old forests without interfering with your view.
  • The very first stop of our excursion is a magnificent observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 500 meters above the sea. The breathtaking view of nature will amaze everyone. But do not rush, there are even more interesting places ahead of us.
  • On the way, we stop at the incredibly beautiful botanical garden. Here are collected the most interesting plants that are definitely worth seeing. There is also a mini-zoo. Friendly animals are waiting for you. You will meet here the brightest parrots of different breeds, large representatives of the cat family, giant snakes, restless monkeys, majestic eagles, and many other inhabitants of different latitudes. Some animals can be hand-fed, played with, and photographed. Visit at will for an additional fee - $ 2 adult ticket and $ 1 child ticket. Really, it is too low a price for such entertainment, be sure to take the opportunity to visit the mini-zoo and botanical garden.
  • After the zoo, as part of the "Monster safari" trip from Alanya, we head to a unique observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level in the Tauros mountains. And if this is still not enough, then a gorgeous view from the Oymapynar hydroelectric power station will become the cherry on the cake.
  • After that, the rest in the lap of nature beauty does not end - we will stop for a couple of hours at the Green Lake. There will be lunch and fun swimming in clear water, amid magnificent views. Fishing is also available on request for an additional fee - you can rent all the tackle and bait on site. At the same time, you can also try a yacht tour in the Green canyon

How to prepare for your trip

Green canyon tour by Cabrio Bus ``Monster safari`` from Alanya is not just a fun trip along the mountain roads, but also an acquaintance with the most beautiful observation decks and locations for photos. Therefore, be sure to take your photographic equipment with you, think over comfortable but spectacular outfits. For walking in the sun, provide a hat and a supply of water, use sunscreen. You will need bathing accessories to relax on Green Lake.

The excursion is free for children under 5 years old. But lunch is not included, by paying a small amount you can order lunch for them too.
You can book this green canyon safari on buses without prepayment! Payment during the tour