Altinbesik cave from Alanya DESCRIPTION

When you participate in the tour to Altinbesik cave from Alanya, you will visit the largest underground cave in the country, inside which we will have a trip by boat and contemplate the three tiers of a magnificent natural monument. Fantastic views, magical underground waterfalls, rivers and lakes, antiquity and beauty — all this will definitely be in the program. But that's not all. Also, along the way, we will visit a lot of other interesting locations.

The first stop on the way to the Altinbesik cave trip from Alanya is the laurel plantations, where thyme and lemur also grow. There is an incredible smell, and the unusual view of trees and shrubs always causes a desire to capture the beauty, so we will definitely pause for a photo.

The fabulous landscapes do not end there, but just begin — the next point of the program will be an observation deck at an altitude of 1,200 meters, which overlooks the famous Green Canyon Turkey. Turquoise water, greens of all shades, unusual relief — all this from a height seems even more beautiful.
The nature of Turkey is unique and unforgettable, but the country is made by its people, so you can not miss such an important moment as a visit to a real village in the mountains. There you will get to know the customs and life, see how the locals live, try coffee and sweets.

Altinbesik cave national park

After a short rest in the village, we will finally visit Altinbesik cave and national park. No wonder it's the highlight of the program — you definitely haven’t seen this. The natural memo is located under a mountain of several tiers, each of which has its own features. During the Tour to Altinbesik cave from Alanya, the duration of underground passages is huge, it is according to experts is more than two kilometers. We will study only a quarter of this path, as more distant areas may be unsafe. But even a small segment will take a lot of time, because inside you want to consider every detail. It is always amazing, even experienced tourists remain delighted.

Tour to Altinbesik cave from Alanya will be interesting for travelers of any age, it is worth visiting this place, if you have not been here before.
On the way back from the cave, we will not miss the opportunity to see another local attraction — the village of Saryhajlar and its ancient mosque. An ancient architectural memoir has preserved its appearance, showing us the peculiarities and culture of the country of the Middle Ages. We guarantee a great pastime, a professional English-speaking tour guide, a great tour organization and gorgeous memories of the holiday during this excursion from Alanya to Altinbesik cave and village tour!