Manavgat boat trip from Alanya DESCRIPTION

Manavgat boat trip from Alanya - If you want to enjoy a day trip and a sea journey on a single excursion, then a river cruise on the Manavgat river in Turkey is exactly what you need. You can admire the colorful city, located on the banks of the eponymous river, 60 km from Alanya. The Manavagt river itself has a number of features. First, it is one of the deepest rivers in Turkey. Secondly, it runs through thickets of forests, mountains, with unique vegetation, which is found only in these places. You will get acquainted with the main attraction of the city — a picturesque waterfall. It is located in a river valley in the middle of a dense forest park. Descending cascades of water shimmer in the sun, playing saturated shades of emerald, blue and blue colors will make it easier for you to enjoy the panorama, on both sides of the dam there are viewing platforms. During Manavgat boat trip from Alanya participants can take wonderful photos, or capture on video right on the level with the waterfall. Also, we recommend you to visit, no less beautiful and interesting tour of the Green Canyon from Alanya, with its description you can see on our website.

Manavgat Grand bazaar from Alanya

An unforgettable tour to Manavgat market and waterfall from Alanya will consist of the following points of the route:

  • Picking tourists up by bus from their hotels in the morning and leaving for the journey Mondays and Thursdays approximately at 08:00;
  • After a while, we will arrive in the ancient city where you will visit the ancient Manavgat mosque. She is the pride of the city. The majestic structure has four minarets up to 60 meters high. There is a house, a special place for ablution Near the mosque. every tourist can entry inside and for women will be provided clothes accordance the religion.
  • After visiting the mosque, Manavgat boat trip from Alanya will begin. The mighty current of the river flows from the tops of the western mountains of Taurus, flowing through the plains and canyons, getting into the warm Mediterranean Sea. The clean waters of the river are famous for their abundance of trout, carp, mullet, sea bass. You will also get acquainted with the grandiose waterfall of Manavgat. It has a small height - only 2 meters, but an impressive width of 40 meters. The amazing thing is that natural attraction is actually man-made.
  • Near Manavgat waterfall participants will have leisure time to take pictures and taste delicious Turkish tea or coffee.
  • Starting Manavgat waterfall boat trip along the river. At the end of the journey in the Manavgat river, the cruise takes you to the sandy beach. At this point, the refreshing flow of the river is mixed with the warm and salty Mediterranean Sea. Since ancient times, people have used this unique fusion of water for the purpose of rejuvenating and tonic effect. You will have the opportunity to swim at the same time in fresh water, and in salt water, and also take sunbathe on the clear sands of the beach, enjoy the beautiful views;
  • And, while you are gaining strength and energy, the captain of the vessel with his friendly team will prepare for you a delicious lunch consisting of trout or grilled meat;
  • On the way back, you will be able to see once again how diverse the nature of Turkey is;
  • When we arrive in the city, you will walk through the ancient Turkish market Manavgat Grand Bazaar, where you get various souvenirs or traditional sweets;
  • Manavgat river cruise from Alanya will end at approximately 6 p.m.;
  • Our comfortable buses will take tourists to their hotel.

Manavgat boat tour from Alanya why should you book with us?

Ordering Manavgat boat tour and waterfall from Alanya you will have enough time to see the sights, as we have increased the time of the route and free time for walking and shopping in a major Mondays and Thursdays market (bazaar). We have limited the number of tourists on the boat so that you can fully enjoy nature. The whole program will be accompanied by guide, who will tell you in detail about the features of this region. This Mnavgat waterfall tour is one of the most popular Alanya day trip. Manavgat waterfall entrance fee also includes the price. Also, all participants will be given full insurance. Swimming in the Mediterranean and a delicious lunch without extra charge. We are sure that by choosing our company you never regret. Quick and easy booking without any prepayment.