Horse riding in Alanya DESCRIPTION

Horse riding in Alanya - Our company offers you to diversify your measured and quiet holiday on the beach saturated with a tour of horse riding in turkey. Horses, for centuries, were considered the best friends of man, and you have a great opportunity to enjoy yourself with these pleasant animals. If you want to book Horse riding in Alanya — you need to contact our sales managers, they will quickly respond to your response and tell all the details of this eventful walk. The center of horseback riding Alanya is located in the Demirtas district, a 35-minute drive from the center of the city. This tour in Alanya is not only an interesting but also a useful journey, which will help you even on vacation, to maintain excellent physical shape, i.e. provides minimal stress on the human body. Horse walk will be an active and fun pastime not only for adults but also for children. Bright and positive memories are provided to you. Details of this activity and the cost of other excursions in Alanya season you can easily find out on our website.

Alanya horse riding

Alanya horse riding will consist of the following points of the program:

  • departure from the hotel at 9.00 and, in a short time, we will take you to the Equestrian Center - the start of an unforgettable tour.
  • Before starting riding, an experienced English-speaking instructor will talk about all the rules of behavior and prohibitions during the walk. Beginners do not need to worry, because from the instructor you will learn about all sorts of nuances and he will accompany you all the walk.
  • acquaintance with the horse in which you will spend 3 hours of a busy rest.
  • a trial walk with an experienced instructor, where you will understand whether you are ready to make a horse walk on your own.
  • Protective equipment (helmets)
  • start Turkey horse riding walk accompanied by an experienced instructor
  • visit the ancient castle of Syedra. It is located on a hill and divides the Turkish villages of Korgisak and Seki. Here is a beautiful panorama of all the picturesque beauty of the city. At sunrise, the ruins of the ancient castle are illuminated, giving it a special look and creating the illusion of synthesis of antiquity and modernity. The main attractions of this place: city walls with beautiful mosaics, artificial ponds and a chic triumphal arch. Visit the Turkish village, where you will get acquainted with the local national traditions and customs, the history of the village and treat yourself to fragrant apple tea, which for you, lovingly, will cook, the villagers.
  • Horse riding in Alanya continues on the winding roads and bumpy slopes of the famous Mount Taurus, from its height, we will see a spectacular view of the Mediterranean coast and calm plains.
  • return to the equestrian center and at 13.00 participants will be transferred to their hotels by air-conditioned buses


Horse riding in Turkey Alanya, carried out by our travel company, runs along with the picturesque places of Turkey, so you will discover a unique mesmerizing view, which is inaccessible to ordinary tourists. During horse riding in Alanya, only our company offers THE INDIVIDUAL approach and groups gather from a small number of people, so the instructor will take time for everyone. With us, you can book trips freely and easily WITHOUT PREPAYMENT!