Turkish night in Alanya

Turkish night in Alanya

Turkish night in Alanya is an ideal program for those who want to distract from the outside world, feeling in the world of fairy tales. The program, with its magnificent taste of Turkish culture, oriental dancers, folk dances, Caucasian dances, fire show, wedding — will give you unforgettable tour.

Turkish night in Alanya cost of trip

 1 Adult 40€
 1 Children (7-12) 20€
 1 Infants (0-6) Free

Turkish night in Alanya Program

  • Gathering tourists and leaving the hotel.

  • Delicious dinner consisting of traditional Turkish dishes

  • Four-hour show program with folk dances and incendiary music.

  • Completion of the Turkish Night in Alanya

  • Transfer participants back to the hotels 

Do not miss Turkish Night in Alanya, where you will have fun to add an authentic color to your holiday with the rich entertainment understanding of Turkish culture. During Turkish Night in Alanya - Buffet, unlimited beer, wine and local soft drinks are included in the price.

Turkish night in Alanya Important information

  • Includes: transfer, English-speaking guide, insurance, dinner, soft drinks.

  • Excludes: Alcohol drinks, Personal needs,

  • Tour days: Sunday

  • Tour hours: 18:00 – 23:00

  • Recommended: camera, money for personal expenses.

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Turkish night in Alanya Content of the trip

Turkish night show - If you are not sufficiently imbued with the color of a wonderful country, and you want to know more about Turkey? — You will be helped by an entertaining tour of the Alanya Turkish night, during which you will be able to discover many interesting facts while enjoying the chords of traditional instruments and smooth movements of dancers. Colourful and meaningful evening program will give you the opportunity to see how diverse the traditions of this country. Professional groups in traditional costumes will perform dances from different parts of Turkey. You will have the opportunity to contemplate temperamental Caucasian dance, sensual belly dance and extreme fiery performance, which will definitely hit you on the spot. You will also see a Turkish wedding, in which all important ritual rites are carefully observed, and, if desired, you will be able to take part in it. Don't miss the grand and enchanting celebration of dance and music while enjoying a delicious dinner. Also, on our website, you can see a similar, but much more interesting, fascinating tour — Fire Of Anatolia


Turkish night evening event in Alanya will consist of the following points of the program:

  • Gathering tourists from their hotel on comfortable buses and will be brought to the picturesque panoramic terrace, which is located in the Taurus Mountains, 5 km from the center of the city with a beautiful view of nature.
  • Upon arrival, all tourists will be offered a dinner consisting of the most famous national Turkish dishes, velvet wine or soft drinks.
  • After a hearty dinner will begin a magnificent show Turkish night in Alanya, which everyone was waiting for. In an instant, this tour program will take participants to differences in mysterious and fabulous world in one night. You will be able to take a break from the everyday bustle, try on the role of a majestic sheikh or beautiful shaherazade. Talented team in luxurious traditional costumes will perform dances for you from different regions of Turkey.
  • The show includes ancient Caucasian folk dances, as well as accompanying temperamental movements, dynamic music. Amazing belly dance, since antiquity, is considered an art through which a woman expresses her feelings and desires. Each unique movement of the dancer magnet attracts the views of the audience, causing admiration and charm.
  • The program also features an oriental show and a mysterious dance of dervies, which amaze with their mysticism and uniqueness. Fascinating ancient art will reveal in your soul previously unfamiliar experiences. The whirlwind created by the lace of the dervies, and rhythmic music, hypnotizes and captures the audience. Therefore, dance-prayer is often used for their performances by different groups. And, even the most sophisticated viewer, will not remain indifferent from the expressive and bright fire show.
  • You will see a traditional Turkish wedding, with incredible customs and rituals, in which, if desired, you will be able to take part.
  • Night entertainment will continue until 11 p.m.
  • After the completion of the four-hour show program in Alanya, which will fly just unnoticed, you will be taken back to the hotel.


Ordering a Turkish night in Alanya, you will definitely be provided with the best seats in the auditorium accompanied by an English-speaking guide. Comfortable transfer, insurance and memorable show is our guarantee. This program will give you more positive emotions and impressions. So, book your seats more quickly.

Turkish night in Alanya frequently asked questions

During the tour of Turkish Night show program in Alanya, you will find a four-hour show program with folk dances and fiery music.

The price of the program Turkish Night in Alanya program includes a group transfer, accompaniment of English-speaking guides, insurance, dinner and soft drinks.

Alanya Turkish Night is a show program where you can get acquainted with Turkish culture, dancing, wedding customs, as well as with the traditions of different parts of the country, having tasted delicious Turkish food and drinks.

It is always interesting for foreigners about the customs and traditions of the Anatolian region. Although it is difficult to meet with the real customs, wedding traditions of the Turkish people in modern cities and in the tourist area, you can see them all in this 4-hour program. It is worth attending the Turkish night in Alanya. Here you can also see different dances from various parts of the country.

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