Tour to Israel from Alanya DESCRIPTION

We recommend all holidaymakers in Turkey to book a tour to Israel from Alanya for a variety of reasons. And one of them is financial. Independent travel to this country will cost quite a lot, Israel is much more expensive than Turkey. But if you buy a one-day tour to Jerusalem from Alanya by plane, you can see the most famous sights at a very reasonable and delve into ancient history. It is also worth noting that getting to Israel is not so easy, and as part of the tour group will not have any problems with the visit.
We offer an excellent excursion, which will be rich, interesting, as detailed as possible, but at the same time comfortable and tireless.
If you want to try another historic tour, you can choose an excursion to Istanbul from Alanya to discover this ancient city.

And one more plus of our excursion — it will take one day, so you will not spend too much time of your vacation and have time to fully relax on the Turkish seashore and even take some more local excursions.
We offer an air trip, which saves the time and effort of travelers. Our program provides a very convenient departure time, which allows you to stay in Jerusalem from morning until late in the evening. Groups of tourists are not large, so we will not be too late for check-in and during the tour.

The trip to Israel from Turkey takes place accompanied by an English-speaking guide with historical education. You learn a lot of new things, we give information that is difficult to find in popular guidebooks and websites.

Great travel memories!

For one vacation, a one-day tour to Israel from Alanya will allow you to see the best places at once in two countries, diversify your vacation and learn a lot. You will see many of the most impressive temples, touch the great Christian shrines, which will be interesting not only to people religious but also to lovers of history and architecture.
The program is diverse and rich, it includes different layers of culture from architecture to gastronomic traditions. Of course, a tour to Israel from Alanya will present a variety of places for photos. You will be able to catch masterpiece shots, take pictures against the backdrop of ancient structures and legendary landscapes.

The atmosphere of the journey is unique, because the emotions of the participants constantly change from awe to delight, the points of the tour program in Jerusalem will take us to the places of the tragic death of Jesus and show hopeful views. You will feel the millennial sand with your feet, learn how scorching and affectionate the Israeli sun can be.

During the tour to Israel from Alanya by flight, we will visit the most symbolic places that attract tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Book a tour right now, we will provide an unforgettable adventure!