Alanya phosphorus cave

The phosphorus cave in Alanya is located on the Damlatas peninsula. It is interesting because it glows like phosphorus in light reflection

2021-07-24 03:14:44
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The wonderful properties of the Phosphoric Cave are manifested due to its geological structure and the coating of the walls with phosphorus. As a result, the cave is as bright as day at night. The phosphorescent color prompted scientists to name the cave.

The entrance to the Alanya phosphorus cave is possible only from the sea side. She is able to accommodate several small yachts at the same time. In the summertime, you can leave the boat at its entrance and swim there on your own. The grotto looks especially interesting at night in the moonlight. Usually couples in love come here at this time. The phosphoric shimmer on the water is mesmerizing and creates the impression of an oriental fairy tale. Both day and night you can take great photos here.

On a boat trip in Alanya, you will get acquainted with the shining arches of the phosphorus cave and its inhabitants - curious fish that you can feed. And this is only a small part of the program. You will visit the caves of the Lovers and the Pirates, visit the healing mud grotto, and relax on the beaches of Cleopatra and Ulash. Book a tour without prepayment and go on a sea trip with the whole family