Alanya rafting tour DESCRIPTION

Alanya rafting tour - Tired of the intrusive heat and want to cheer up? Then extreme entertainment rafting in Alanya will not leave you indifferent. The itinerary of the activity runs through a paradise corner of the Koprulu Canyon Nature Reserve. Additionally, this canyon is famous for its fascinating species of fauna and flora, cab be seen more than a thousand varieties of trees or plants, which are inhabited by famous owls. Also, it will be interesting to observe sea turtles, trout or mullet in the reservoirs.

Alanya rafting tour is held on the Beskonak River in Manavgat Antalya, that originates in the Taurus Mountains. The 14-kilometre-long trail is set in low and medium-sized areas, so it's perfect for beginners. Due to the fact that this river has a small current, kids and elderly people can participate in the route during this daily tour. Everyone will get a chance to visit unique natural corners and get a powerful boost of energy while overcoming the thresholds and rolls. Also, on our website, you can find an equally fascinating zipline in Tazi canyon from Alanya.

Antalya Beskonak river white water rafting tour from Alanya

The Antalya Beskonak rafting tours from Alanya consists of the following points:

  • Transfer customers from their hotel at 8.00 for river tubing
  • In 1.5-2 hours we will arrive at Koprulu Canyon river, from where the unforgettable journey on the crystal-clear rapids of the river will begin.
  • Before the start of the route, a briefing will be held on the rules and conditions of safe rafting. Each tourist will receive protective equipment, which includes a life jacket and helmet.
  • After the briefing is mastered, the descent along the river in boats, which will be 10 to 12 people, together with a professional instructor will begin.
  • The route of water sport will take place along the upper reaches of the river, which will give you the opportunity not only to get a lot of impressions but also to enjoy the unique views of nature of Turkey.
  • You will have the opportunity to swim in the invigorating waters of the River Kopruchay, take wonderful photos or take pictures of the surrounding landscapes on video.
  • After a short break, the second part of the route for 6 km will begin. The current of the mountain river in Manavagat has a small speed so, to the alloy allowed kids from 4 years, they with great pleasure will take part in an unforgettable and bright adventure.
  • At the end of the rafting tour in Alanya, you will be able to replenish the energy spent by tasting a lunch consisting of traditional Turkish dishes and drinks. Located on the terrace of the restaurant, each tourist will be able to get even more imbued with the colourful colours of nature, the current of the turquoise mountain white river and the high slopes of the canyon.
  • After Alanya rafting tour, you will be asked to buy photos and videos (optional)
  • Our Alanya white water rafting in Beskonak river ends at about 4:30 p.m. With transfer participants back to their hotel.

How should I dress when participating in an Alanya rafting tour?

You will be very comfortable if you wear a t-shirt and shorts while participating in the Alanya rafting tour. If your t-shirt covers your shoulders, the life jacket will not irritate your skin. Take spare clothes with you that you can use when changing into your wet clothes at the end of the tour. Don't worry about where to change your clothes, as dressing rooms are available.

Why should you book Alanya white water rafting tour from us?

Booking a white water rafting tour in Alanya Turkey, you can be sure of safety, as we have the newest boats and rafts with modern and convenient control. Each of raft boat we have guide-instructor. If you would like to try it is available to make a reservation for 2 person canoes without a guide too. There will be a clear and detailed briefing from English-speaking professionals before the start of the race. Thanks to the special route, rafting in Alanya will be even longer and more entertaining, giving you more time to enjoy the journey. Due to the fact that our program starts private, there will not be a lot of other tourists all the way around. You can book easily this all excursions from Alanya without prepayment.