Alanya Submarine Tour

Alanya Submarine Tour

Antalya Alanya Submarine tour - If you would like to discover underwater world of Mediterranean and spend unforgettable moments take part in our Alanya Submarine Tour in Alanya during your holiday. Submarine in Alanya is organized twice on a day. Submarine activity is held around the castle in the depth of 20-25 meters.

Alanya Submarine Tour cost of trip

 1 Adult 65€
 1 Children (4-12) 33€
 1 Infants (0-3) Free

Alanya Submarine Tour Program

  • Transfer from hotels

  • Visit to Alanya harbor

  • Leaving Alanya harbor

  • Short briefing about security rules

  • 1 hour underwater journey

  • Take pictures or video

  • Finish the program

  • Return to the harbor

  • Transfer to hotels

Submarine in Alanya, which was produced in Finland, is one of the tourist submarines with the most advanced technology and stringent safety systems in the world, with 22 passengers and 2 crew capacities. Alanya Submarine Tour is organized twice on a day. Submarine activity is held around the castle in the depth of 20-25 meters. For this Alanya daily tour participant don t require any special dress or shoes. The atmosphere pressure is balanced inside, so in this activity can participate all category people. Children or adults. Join us, discover underwater secret and beauties of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alanya Submarine Tour Important information

  • Includes: Transfer, insurance, guide, 1 hour submarine tour

  • Excludes: photo/video DVD, personal need

  • Tour days: EVERY DAY

  • Tour hours: 11:00, 15:00

  • Recommended: camera, an amount of money, a bottle of water

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
Send a request, we will confirm in minutes

Alanya Submarine Tour Content of the trip

Alanya Submarine - The unique city of Alanya is rich not only in majestic architectural buildings, picturesque forests, high mountains, but also underwater resources. The underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea, you can observe using a variety of ways: diving in Alanya or Snorkeling, but we recommend you, the most exciting option - Alanya submarine tour. During submarine trips, tourist will have the opportunity one hour of acquaintance with all the beauty and inhabitants of the Mediterranean. On our program, you will discover a wonderful underwater country full of ordinances and mysteries. We guarantee that you will get an unforgettable feeling and a lot of positive emotions. The sea journey will be carried out on the first tourist submarine in Turkey. Our Nemo submarine Alanya, which was produced in Finland - the best submarine, is equipped with the most advanced technologies and strict safety systems, with the capacity on board 22 passengers and 2 crew members. This tour in Alanya is usually organized twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon, so you can choose the most convenient time. On our website, it is able to find another underwater voyage like Alanya scuba diving to discover the underwater lifestyle of Mediterranean

Antalya submarine - Nemo submarine

Antalya Alanya Nemo submarine tour program will consist of the following points:

  • transfer participants from hotels at the beforehand determined time. There are two options of time: 11 a.m. or 3 p.m.
  • arrival in the picturesque harbour of Alanya, which is famous for its pristine sandy beaches.
  • A short excursion and information about the city
  • boarding a submarine boat and a detailed briefing from English-speaking experts on the rules of behavior and safety rules while on the journey
  • Participants of all ages can take part in the underwater trip because of the inside of boat tourists do not meet high atmospheric pressure.
  • Sitting in your places more conveniently, sea voyage Underwater tour in Alanya begins! You will descend to the depths and you will open yourself a new fairy-tale world, which is impossible to see above the surface of the water. This tour in Alanya is conducted around the fortress to a depth of 20-25 meters. You have the opportunity to see this beauty for an hour, and the English-speaking guide will tell about all the features of the marine environment.
  • Our tour will take place on the best submarine NEMO PRIMERO. It is equipped with an air-conditioned cabin and is designed specifically for underwater travel. Do not worry about the pressure because of inside the submarine the atmospheric pressure is properly adjusted
  • To capture unique moments, you can take a camera, but it is at will, because a professional team of divers - it will do for you, and you can, without distraction, enjoy unforgettable moments.
  • Completion of Alanya submarine trips
  • Arrival at hotels.

Alanya is an incredibly beautiful resort town, which annually welcomes millions of visitors from different parts of the world and relentlessly surprises them and gives them a sea of positive emotions and impressions. Who has visited the submarine Alanya - comes back here again and again. Therefore, we strongly recommend to try it for all tourists. After the trip is over, participants will be able to buy photos or videos (optional) so that this pleasant memory is preserved not only in memory.


Tourists who book with us Alanya tourist submarine tours in Antalya Turkey can choose a convenient time: in the morning or in the afternoon. The best submarine, which is equipped with an air-conditioned cabin. The dive is completely safe for all, due to atmospheric pressure is balanced inside, so in this activity can participate all category people. Children or adults. So this trip is one of the excursion with kids in Alanya. Observing the underwater scenic world at a depth of as much as 25 meters! Quick and free booking WITHOUT PREPAYMENT. Join us, discover underwater secret and beauties of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alanya Submarine Tour frequently asked questions

The cost of the Alanya submarine tour includes transfer, insurance, accompaniment of an English-speaking guide and underwater travel.

The underwater tour in Alanya can be taken by participants of all ages with good physical fitness.

During a submarine tour in Alanya, you will have 1 hour of fascinating sea voyage at a depth of 20-25 meters.

The Nemo Primero Submarine Tour in Alanya runs twice every day, depending on the group. Morning or afternoon. For more information about the days and times of the program, please contact us.

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