Alanya cable car tour cost 2020

During the holiday in Alanya, there are more sightseeing places and tours for visiting! But one of them is much more popular and should to try everybody. It is Alanya cable car tour.

2020-10-30 15:48:57
Alanya Tours

One of the excursion in Alanya that must visit all without age differences is Alanya cable car tour and sightseeing trip of the city.
This tour in Alanya is a short trip and is held at a convenient time. The program is organized evening time for 3 hours! Alanya mini-city tour with the cable car riding is held by open cars because of participants can observe the city and take memorable photos.
For getting information about this trip click — the mini-city trip and Alanya cable car tour cost 2020.
The program starts by picking up customers from their hotels. The first visiting place is the famous Cleopatra beach. Here participants will have leisure time for walking and take pleasure from natural beauty. Near this beach locates a small cave with approximately 15000 stalactites and stalagmites which is very useful for asthma diseases. After the English guide information about the sights and route guests will get on the Cable car for reaching to the top of castle. Till Alanya fortress, you can observe all the town like under your feet in the cabin of the funicular.
Alanya cable car opening hours are changeable accordance the seasons. Our sightseeing tour cost includes Alanya cable car price too. After funicular following each other participants will visit Alanya castle, the old mosque of Sultan Suleiman, ancient places, the old house, and observation deck for watching the sunset.