Cable car in Alanya funicular teleferik price how to get 2021

Funicular and cable car in Alanya - "Alanya Teleferik" combines two top attractions of the resort: Cleopatra Beach and the city Fortress. It is pleasant to ride on it, if only because the landscapes that open up around are simply mesmerizing

2021-05-17 03:54:40
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Teleferik in Alanya is adjacent to the Damlatas cave and is located next to the entrance to Cleopatra Beach. The lift was built relatively recently, in 2017, so it is equipped with everything that is required in modern passenger cable cars. During its construction, modern materials were used that do not lose strength at maximum temperatures and loads.Thanks to this, the cable car in Alanya works all year round, despite the possible rain and wind. The cabins are equipped with comfortable seats. They run non-stop with slight deceleration to pick up and drop off passengers at stations. The higher you go, the more colorful the view of the Mediterranean coast and the surrounding mountain ranges becomes. There is a great opportunity to see the whole city at once from a bird's eye view.

You can get to the cable car in Alanya by bus №1 or №101, by taxi and with a guided tour. The latter option is convenient in that you are picked up directly from the hotel and returned after the trip.Teleferik tour in Alanya includes visiting Damlatas cave, fortress, rest on Cleopatra beach and being accompanied by a guide who tells fascinatingly about these objects. Plus, you will visit several interesting places in the city and a panoramic platform. The price of the excursion Cable car in Alanya in 2021 is slightly higher than the cost of a lift ticket, only $ 8 for children and $ 15 for adults. You will see and learn much more on a tour than on an independent visit. Enjoy your walks and new discoveries in Alanya.