Cable car in Turkey

Cable car in Turkey connecting Cleopatra's beach and mountain peak with an ancient fortress is a funicular in Alanya. It offers stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean coast

2021-04-26 13:05:09
Alanya Tours

It is this Cable car in Turkey that is the youngest and most comfortable. The cable car, built in 2017 using the latest technology, meets all safety regulations. In a pandemic, you can ride in the cab alone, with a family or a couple - without the presence of strangers. After each ascent / descent, the cabin is treated with disinfectants.

The cable car operates daily, in the summer from 9.30 to 23.00 at your service. Therefore, you can take an evening walk, go down at sunset, see a gorgeous sunset at the sea and take stunning photos. Be sure to go up and visit the fortress, walk along the cobbled streets, it captures the imagination and gives special emotions. If your ticket is both ways, you can return back both by the funicular and by the shuttle that departs from the fortress.

Alanya Cable car in Turkey will give even more impressions in the company with a guide. You will walk inside the fortress, learn many interesting facts, visit the mosque of Sultan Suleiman, see the city from the best observation deck. And if you book a tour of the Cable car in Alanya on our website, then you, besides all this, will visit the legendary healing cave Damlatas, visit the Red Tower and other main attractions of the city, relax on the Cleopatra beach and have a great mood in good company.