Green Canyon Alanya

Green Canyon Alanya

Green Canyon Alanya Turkey tour to Manavgat for boat trip on Grand canyon lake - “Alanya Tours” offers a tour to the Taurus Mountains in Antalya that is an unsurpassed journey to one of Turkey's most beautiful places with a panorama of the green lake and majestic mountains. On Green canyon tour, you will enjoy the tranquillity and comfort of our yacht and the fabulous beauty of nature.

Green Canyon Alanya cost of trip

 1 Adult 30€
 1 Children (7-12) 20€
 1 Infants (0-6) Free

Green Canyon Alanya Program

  • Picking visitors up from their hotels by air-conditioned bus

  • Visiting the Taurus Mountains, arrival at the top of mount

  • Break for photography and observation the magnificent Oymapinar reservoir from the panoramic terrace,

  • Reaching to the lake for starting boat program

  • The beginning of an unforgettable yacht trip from the Small Canyon

  • Boat trip to the majestic Grand Canyon

  • Breaks for swimming in the refreshing waters of the green lake

  • Continuation of yacht tours in the water dam

  • Break for a delicious lunch in the restaurant, swimming, rest, and fishing (if permission possible )

  • Completion of the Green Canyon program from Alanya

  • Transfer participants back to hotels or living places

Green Canyon Boat Tour from Alanya starts near the small canyon, moves through small one into Grand canyon. You feel yourself in paradise for a moment. On both sides, surrounded by majestic mountains, that cool canyon gives participants unforgettable moments even on very heat summer days. Nature creatures also add into these beauties other beauty with their own sounds and images. Eagles have chosen these mountains peaks to built their nests here. During breaks participants can fishing too, but sometimes due to ecological conditions fishing in green canyon are forbidden. Join our this Green Lake bout tour from Alanya and take pleasure in the enigmatic beauties of Grand Green canyon of Turkey. During this excursion, our all buses air-conditioned. So everybody can join this trip without age differences on the hottest summer days.

Green Canyon Alanya Important information

  • Includes: transfer, insurance, guide, lunch, soft drinks, boat trip

  • Excludes: personal needs

  • Tour days: Every day

  • Tour hours: 08:00 - 18:00

  • Recommended: swimsuit, towel, sun gear, camera, money

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The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Green Canyon Alanya Content of the trip

Green Canyon Alanya, Canyon boat tour Turkey Manavgat is an unforgettable boat trip and walk should get everyone who came to holiday in Turkey. Green canyon in Turkey will have a wonderful trip to one of the largest artificial water reservoir in Europe. Above mentioned excursion opens doors to the fantastic world of nature with its colourful landscapes and panoramic views of the lake turquoise waters. in fact, actually, this dam on all sides is surrounded by coniferous forests in the arms of the mountain, even in the sultry heat here the climate is pleasant and comfortable. The canyon is pride of Turkey, which you can see by reading the rave review of everyone who has visited these parts. Participate in our Green canyon boat trip from Alanya, take a magnificent catamaran ride across the lake to the majestic Oymapinar Dam, where you will enjoy views of the cliffs of Mount Taurus, azure water, inhaling fresh and clean air streams.

Also, on our website, you can find the program or cost of a yacht tour, which is held on the river by visiting a huge bazaar, a unique waterfall, mosque etc. It is Manavgat river cruise and waterfall

Green canyon tour

The program of Green Canyon tour from Alanya will consist of the following points:

  • Picking visitors up from their hotels or living places by comfortable buses with air conditioning
  • Visiting on the winding slopes of Mount Taurus from where we will go down to famous water reservoir. Here, on the top of mountains participants will have leisure time for a while for observation the incredible beauty of the landscape, which you can make mind-blowing photos or capture everything on video
  • Next, you will arrive at the canyon pier, where landing will take place on a yacht
  • Green canyon boat tour starts near Small canyon, moves through small one into Grand canyon. Sailing on a yacht through the emerald waters surrounded by pine forests, harsh peaks and icy mountain streams - you will understand that there is paradise on earth.
  • After that, you will get to the mysterious gorge of Grand Canyon. Participants will be greeted by the rocks of bizarre shapes, as if magically grown out of the water, covered with juicy greenery.
  • Travellers will be amazed by the water purity, in emerald birch shades, woodlands. The mesmerizing atmosphere of this place envelops you with a veil of calm and peace.
  • Guests will also have the opportunity to freshen up in the green waters and gain strength and energy by swimming here several places.
  • After a short break, our activity will continue where the incredible beauty of the lake, located at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level and filled with natural springs fascinates you. In this area, around green lake turkey, coniferous forests are growing, and citrus, pomegranate, almond groves, delighting tourists with their fragrance. Given the impressive size and its impeccable appearance, it is not surprising that the Green Canyon in Turkey has become a proud and famous landmark of this country.
  • Then our yacht will dock to the bay, where you will find a delicious lunch in our restaurant, made of natural products. The restaurant territory is divided into two zones, on one - fishing enthusiasts will be able to please themselves caught trout. And others, at this time, will be able to swim in the crystal water, sunbathe, and perhaps can see eagles who like to hunt in these places.
  • Our yacht tour ends approximately at 17:00
  • Our shuttle transfer services vehicles will take participants back to their hotels.


If tourists book Alanya Green Canyon Boat Trip to magnificent place, then especially for them we will provide a limited number of tourists in the group so that they do not interfere with admiring the picturesque nature. Our travel agency provides much more comfortable boats for a walk on this lake. Join our excursion in Alanya and take pleasure the enigmatic beauties of Green canyon Turkey. During this tour from Alanya to Green canyon, our all buses air-conditioned. So everybody can join this trip without age differences on the hottest summer days. We provide all participants with guide and full insurance too.

Green Canyon Alanya frequently asked questions

The easiest way to get to the Green Canyon from Alanya at an affordable cost is to join our guided tour. We will take you to your destination in a comfortable air-conditioned bus. In addition to sightseeing buses, you can only get to the green canyon dam by car - there is no public transport here

The program of the Green Canyon tour from Alanya includes transfer from the hotel, arrival by bus to the slopes of Mount Taurus, and then the journey will take place on a yacht from Small to Grand Canyon with swimming in emerald waters and a lunch break. During the program, if you wish, you can try fishing in the Green Canyon.

The price of the Alanya Green Canyon tour includes round way transfer by air-conditioned bus, insurance, English guide, lunch, unlimited soft drinks, fishing, boat trip.

Green canyon in Turkey is one of the most beautiful valleys. For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle, loud music, want to spend a relaxing day on a yacht in the bosom of nature, this family excursion in Turkey is more appropriate. For families with small children, the Alanya Green Canyon boat tour is more suitable than other boat trips with animation or foam parties.

Green Canyon Alanya and from city districts

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For lovers of relaxing boat tour in the bosom of nature, we offer Green canyon boat tour from Konakli, which takes you to one of the most attractive and largest water reserves in Turkey called Oymapinar. There are two canyons here. The trip on a catamaran yacht starts in small canyon and contiunes in the Grand canyon. Our tour includes transfer, lunch, soft drinks, fishing in the enchanting green lake.

Green canyon from Turkler

Green canyon from Turkler - Boat tour from Turkler is a walk along the majestic Grand Canyon, swimming in the refreshing waters of a green lake, resting, fishing and a delicious lunch. A bright day for you and your loved ones, which will be remembered for a long time.

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Green canyon boat tour from Incekum - The Green Canyon sailing trip from Incekum is an adventure for the whole family. We will sail on a comfortable yacht to the open sea. We will walk along the Grand Canyon at the slope of Mount Taurus. Let's rest, fish, swim.

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Green Canyon from Okurcalar is a yacht trip to the elephants of the Taurus Mountains. Walking along the Grand Canyon and swimming in the emerald waters of the lake will charge you with energy and good mood.

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The Green Canyon Boat Tour from Kestel is a yacht trip through the most beautiful places in the region. We will swim in emerald water surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. We will make fabulous photos as a keepsake of an amazing vacation.

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The Green Canyon of Mahmutlar is a wonderful vacation for lovers of the beauty of nature. We will sail to the Grand Canyon. We will swim and fish in the emerald lake. Let's take dozens of bright photos.

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