Alanya Paragliding or Parasailing

In Alanya, for adrenaline lovers, various extreme tours are offered. One of them is flight. There are two options for flying in Alanya: paragliding and parasailing.

Alanya Paragliding or Parasailing
2021-02-18 08:42:29
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Paragliding is a unique activity for extreme lovers during their holidays in Alanya.
But sometimes people have to choose between two options: paragliding or parasailing. And sometimes people think that they are the same without looking at the difference in names.

In this short text, we will try to give you information about the differences between paragliding and parasailing in Alanya, as well as which one is safer!

  1. Firstly brief information about paragliding. What is that and how is it held? Paragliding is a flight on a large oblong parachute with or without an instructor. Sometimes it is also called tandem paragliding because most flights take place with a pilot. And during the flight, there will be two people. To try such a fly, we need to go to one of the high hills or mountains. After everything is ready, the participants just need to run 5-6 steps forward. Paragliding in Alanya begins at an altitude of 500 or 700 meters at the top of the Taurus Mountains.
  2. The second is parasailing. Unlike the first flight, this activity takes place over the sea with a round parachute. The parachute and the participants are on the yacht. While the program is being launched, the captain leads the ship quickly.
    The parachute is tied to the yacht with a long, thick rope. As the ship moves faster, the rope slowly opens and the air begins to lift the parachute with a vortex.

Which flight is more enjoyable and safer?

We'll show some of the differences here, but it's your choice - Paragliding or Parasailing.

  • During paragliding, the participant will be accompanied by a professional certified pilot in control of the flight. But on parasailing will be only you, the captain and instructors stay on the vessel.
  • During paragliding, both the pilot and the participant are provided with additional parachutes. But on a parachute, the participants have only life jackets, although during the activity there will be enough high height.
  • During paragliding, participants will have the opportunity to choose a relaxed flight or extreme maneuvers. But parasailing only moves up and down.
  • Paragliding in Alanya, you can watch the whole city like an eagle. But on parasailing only the sea.
  • But sometimes people want to fly with the whole family of 2 or 3 people. For this, you can choose parasailing. There is only a pilot and 1 participant on the paraglider.

Alanya is one of the most attractive cities with its vibrant and varied entertainment. Here you can find any activity according to your mood.