Alanya tourist attractions

Although Alanya is a small tourist region, foreigners are always attracted by its main attractions. In this short written article, you will learn about the main attractions of Alanya.

2020-12-20 15:49:25
Alanya Tours

Alanya is one of the most attractive amazing resort city of Turkey.

This small city connected to Antalya district, located on the coastline of the Mediterranean sea.

Alanya 10 major sights and most visited places!

  1. Alanya Castle (Red tower - the symbol of the city, Sultan Suleyman Mosque)
  2. Cable car - Alanya Teleferik
  3. Cleopatra beach,
  4. Damlatash (Dropstone) Cave
  5. Alanya panoramic terrace
  6. Pirates cave
  7. Alanya harbour
  8. Dim river (Dimchay)
  9. Dim cave
  10. Sapadere Canyon

We can wide this list, but during a visit to these sightseeing places, you can also see other sights too.

How can you visit the above-mentioned places during the holiday?

You can walk yourself by using public transport or taxi services. But this way will be expensive, boring and tedious.

By choosing our tours in Alanya at a low cost you can observe all these attractions!

Ordering Alanya mini-city tour in the period of 3 hours you can get acquainted most of the city.

By participating in our Jeep safari, you can see not only Dim cave Dimchay, Dim dam, fruit plantations, village, mosque etc. but also will spend a memorable day.

Sapadere Canyon is one of the best destinations in hot summer days.
Ice cold waterfalls, evergreen oak forests, open-air restaurant, banana plantations, silkworm farm, mosque, Turkish village, and jeep safari. All these just during in one tour - Sapadere canyon jeep safari