What we need to know : Konakli is a small town in the province of Alanya. With its sandy beaches, mysterious hotels and close to Alanya, differs from other resorts. Having rich history, Konakli became a city in 1992. Konakli — the best place for holiday in Turkey. Here you can find all categories of hotels and motels according to your budget. The main characteristics of hotels in Konakli are located near the sea and the beach.
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How far from the center of Antalya : 124,55 km
Distance to Alanya center : 12,6 km
Distance to Antalya airport : 115 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : 54,2 km
Registered population living all year : 15000 people
Famous place to swim : Turtle Beach
Places to visit : Konakli caravanserai, Konakli mosque, Central Recreation Park,
Shopping malls : MegaMall, Time Center

All kinds of the best trips and excursions in Konakli at the best price without extra charge

Konaklı is located north of the Antalya-Alania highway, about 14 km from Alanya — the most popular tourist resort in Turkey located on the Mediterranean coast.
Konaklı first became a municipality in 1989, it developed rapidly and preferred it in all districts due to its location and migration from surrounding villages and cities. Currently, there are 1 primary school, 1 health center, 3 mosques, 1 club, restaurants, pharmacies, jewelry stores and various types of shops.
Konaklı attracts many foreign tourists during their holidays in Turkey, not only for its warm climate, sandy beaches, various hotels, but also traditions, lifestyle of local residents and style of clothing, local cuisine. As you know, Turkey draws more attention to itself with its mosques. If you want to visit the mosque, you can visit the central mosque in Konaklı, built in 1948.

How to plan a vacation for tours in Konaklı (short)
During your vacation in Alanya in Konaklı in our company, you can visit all the excursions, trips and tours from Konakli at no extra charge.
It is advisable that everyone first visit the Turkish bath in Alanya. Turkish bath in Konaklı is very useful for your skin before tanning. As usual, Turkish baths or Hammam in Alanya last 2.5 hours. During this time, your entire body will be cleansed, dead cells will be removed from the skin, massage with olive oil will nourish the skin and make it soft. After sunbathing, a Turkish bath is not recommended.
Secondly, while on holiday in Alanya, you can choose some recommended excursions from Konaklı, such as jeep safari in Konaklı, quad safari in Konaklı, excursion to Cappadocia from Konaklı or a tour to Pamukkale.
Boat tours in Konaklı are recommended at the end of the holidays, because until the end of the holidays the skin adapts to the hot climate and you do not burn.